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MARFC Event at Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway Cancelled for 2020!

Sorry Folks, Due to unforeseen circumstances our MARFC Event at the Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway has been cancelled for 2020! They however will host one final event in early October so check their schedule out. So, this will conclude our 2020 MARFC Fan Club Day Events. Terribly sorry that we did not get the chance to enjoy all racing at all our membership tracks but, will and little prayer and tons of hope next season will be back on track. Many thanks to all who did get the chance to go to any of our events and a Big Thank You to all of our speedways for their support of racing here in Michigan. Will keep you all updated with how our fall general meetings will be handled! As Always Keep Racing! Wild Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Owosso Speedway Reschedules MARFC for 2020!

Fantastic racing at the Owosso Speedway as MARFC members enjoy the night. First, I would like to thank both Ken & Jerry for rescheduling our fan club day event at the last minute so our members could have one more exciting night of racing this season. Also, thanks to “Big” Ed Inloes for all the help on the PA and our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag went to Limited Sportsman # 88 driver Hunter Forrester for his continuous support of the track. Gary Bailey was the winner of our MARFC members raffle! Manning our table for the night were Al & Kyle Peltier, Bill Walters, and John Jackson. (Photo Top: Kyle Peltier & Hunter Forrester) ( Photo Bottom: Gary Baily & Family with Al Peltier & Bill Walters)

MARFC at I-96 Speedway for 2020!

Another great night for racing at the I-96 Speedway. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Dillon Gentry who is the # 20G modified driver for his continuous support of the track. Dillon had some bad luck & broke during hot lap’s unable to compete. Track promoter Jeff Dice was presented the Spirit Award trophy from our bowling tournament that was held back in early March. Jack Oakley won the MARFC member drawing. Dan Darrow Jr. helped Board member John Jackson at our table.(Photo Top Left: Dillon Gentry, John Jackson, & Jeff Dice) (Photo Top Right: Jack Oakley & John Jackson) (Photo Bottom: Dan Darrow Jr. & John Jackson)

Crystal Motor Speedway Welcomes MARFC in 2020!

Fabulous night for some great racing on the dirt at the Crystal Motor Speedway. Our members and the rest of the fans enjoyed tons of racing with 111 cars in the pit area put on quite the show. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Pro Truck # 14P driver Elizabeth Polley. This young lady has had a bit of bad luck this season with hopes that our MARFC bag with change that. New club member John Hatfield won our MARFC members raffle that night. Many thanks to Ron Flinn and his crew for rescheduling this event this season. MARFC table helpers for the evening were Rob Michon and John Jackson. (Photo Top: Elizabeth Polley and MARFC President Bill Barnhart) (Photo Bottom: (MARFC Board members working our table welcoming MARFC members)