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Very Important News from MARFC!

To All MARFC Members and Race Fans: We have some very disappointing news but since we here at MARFC have decided that we cannot for certain, ensure a safe and healthy environment for all that would attend our 2020 Annual Children’s Christmas Party to be held on December 6th 2020 we regrettably and unfortunately have CANCELLED.  Due to the restrictions by the local health agencies and the state that have been placed upon the hall we are using we feel that this is in the best interest and safety for all. Knowing things are looking a little better now but, we feel that it could possibly make a second lap or two before this is all said and done. We know the children will miss it very much but rest assured, we have already rescheduled this event for next December. For those who helped with donations we are incredibly grateful and have set all those donations aside to make next year’s party even better. Thank You for your understanding and sorry again to all the children!

Again, another sad announcement! Our 55 TH ANNUAL MARFC AWARDS & DINNER DANCE BANQUET set for SATURDAY JANUARY 16, 2021 unfortunately has been CANCELLED!  With most of the racing in the state of Michigan cancelled all season and only a few tracks being able to run a partial season with additionally only a few of them electing to run  for points and championships we find that in the face of all the restrictions imposed upon public venues it is not in the best interest for all concerned to move forward with a Banquet in January 2021. We here at MARFC take pride when it comes to our banquet and feel this is best for us as we will return in January 2022 to host the best racing awards banquet in the state.

We are currently working on how to honor all those 2020 champions that were crowned points champions this past season. So, stay tuned and we will have more information on how that will all work out here soon. Congratulations to all those Champions of 2020 and we will see you all at the races soon.

“God Bless” & Keep Safe!  Bill Barnhart MARFC President