MARFC Goes Road Racing at Waterford Hills!

July 26th, 2015

waterfordwebOur MARFC Helmet bag was awarded to driver David Nikolas by the Grand Marshal for the weekend, Australian racing legend Allan Moffit. Allan won a race at Waterford Hills in 1965 driving a Lotus Cortina before embarking on a long career in Trans Am, LeMans and a variety of racing series “down under” Thanks to Joel Hershoren and Kathy Arnold for their hospitality in welcoming our club at their beautiful facility. Many thanks to board member Rand Thompson for chairing this event!(Photo by Rand Thompson: Left to Right: David Nikolas, Rand, Allan Moffit, and Waterford Hills vintage event chair Joel Hershoren.)

More Dirt Tack Racing for MARFC Members at I-96 Speedway!

July 25th, 2015

I-96 web2I-96 web1Hot but dry weather on hand for our annual trek to the I-96 Speedway to see more dirt racing for 2015. For those members who made the trip saw some great racing that night! Pro Modified # 42 driver Kenny Plater was chosen to received our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag for having some hard luck this season but keeps coming back each week to support his track & division. Greg Shepard was the winner of our MARFC Members raffle. Thanks to Mike Mouch and his staff for the hospitality again this season. Special thanks to Greg Shepard for helping out at our table. (Top Left: Gary Shepard) (Top Right: Kenny Plater & crew with Bill Barnhart & Trevor Hollis)

MARFC Members Invade the Flat Rock Speedway!

July 25th, 2015

flat rock web1flat rock web2With a pit area filled with cars along with heated weather and great crowd on hand MARFC members send some outstanding racing on the tight ¼ oval of the Flat Rock Speedway. Late Model # 45 Frank Jiovani was given our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag winning the feature the week prior. MARFC Raffle winner was Cory Russell and thanks to Board member Al Peltier for helping out at our table for the night. Special thanks to Scott Schultz and Ron Drager for rescheduling this event after it was rained out earlier this season.( Top Left: Frank Jiovani with MARFC Bag & Top Right: Cory Russell & Crew with Board member Al Peltier)

MARFC at Mt. Pleasant Speedway for 2015!

July 25th, 2015

mt pleasantweb1mt pleasantweb2Board Members Barry Meschke & Dennis Trinklein were on hand at our MARFC table for this great night of racing on the dirt at the Mt. Pleasant Speedway. They presented our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag to Hobby Stock # 200 driver Mike “Elmo Skids” Sparks for his 40 years for supporting racing at the speedway. Larry Letts won our MARFC members raffle! Many thanks to Betty Crook for the invite again this year! Thanks to Leo “The Chief” Pego for the great PR for the night. (Photo from Barry Meschke) (Top: Mike Skids, Dennis Trinklein & Barry Meschke) (Bottom: Larry Letts & Dennis Trinklein)

Merritt Speedway host MARFC for 2015!

July 17th, 2015

merritt webOnce again all MARFC Members were greeted by Board members Bill Walters, Dennis Trinklein and Barry Meschke. Many thanks to Merritt Speedway’s new owner Mike Blackmer and the staff for keeping us on board! Look forward to working with them again in the 2016 season. Merritt’s very own Sonny Tulick was given our MARFC Uniform Helmet Bag for all the support of the speedway for many, many years with race cars and wreckers.(Photo: Barry Meschke, Sonny Tulick and Dennis Trinklein)

MARFC at Tri-City Motor Speedway for 2015!

July 17th, 2015

tricity webGreat weather along with fantastic car count and full grandstands made for an outstanding night of racing at the Tri-City Speedway. Our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag was presented to Late Model # 9 driver Isaac Wolfgang who was the 2014 rookie of the year and continues to support racing at the speedway all the time. MARFC raffle winner was Vere Jacobs! Many thanks to Steve and his crew for having us again this year! MARFC table helpers for the night were Dennis Trinklein, Barry Meschke and Bill Walters.(Photo: Track Promoter Steve Puvalowski, Board members Bill Walters, Barry Meschke, Isaac Wolfgang and “Shut Up” Roger Williams)

Spartan Speedway Report for 2015!

July 1st, 2015

spartan web AFirst off I like to say I am sorry that we were unable to set up a MARFC table the night of our Fan Club Day Event at the Spartan Speedway on the 26th of June. Do to rescheduling the event because on rain I and other board members had already made other commitments or had to work late. But members who were there had a grand time with outstanding racing all night. We do thank Jim Leasure and Bill Lackey and the staff for the makeup date. Our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag was presented to Pony Stock driver # 9 Laura Beckner by club member and supporter “Big Ed” Inloes! Thanks Ed for your help! Also thanks to track photographer Woody for the photo taken.

MARFC at Springport Motor Speedway in 2015!

June 21st, 2015

springportweb2jpgspringportweb1Mother Nature takes day off with overcast skies and with the sun popping in and out made for a great night of racing. All the members who attended this event had a great time. Our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag was presented to Super Late Model driver # 67 Tim Rugg who has supported the track with bringing up to four cars a night each week and supplies motors for many others to be able to compete each week. John Jackson won our MARFC members raffle & Doug Jakeway for helping at the table for the night. Big thanks to Jeff & Pam and the Springport Motor Speedway for their continuous support of our club again this year and can’t wait to return again in 2016! (Photo Left: John Jackson Photo Right: Springport Promoter Pam Parish, Tim Rugg and Doug Jakeway)


MARFC at Crystal again for 2015!

June 18th, 2015


crystalweb1Cool and cloudy skies on hand but with 131 cars in the pit area racing on the dirt at Crystal was seen by many fans who made the trip out. Mother Nature Looses this one! HAHA! Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to Modified # 48 driver Cory Ruesink for his hard luck & support for his division at the track. The MARFC raffle winner was Justin Condron! Thanks to Barry Meschke & Dennis Trinklein for helping at our MARFC table. VP Dave DeHem and I raced the Flinn Twin race and neither of us came home the winner but still had a great time racing on the dirt. Many Thanks to Ron Flinn and his staff for having us again and all their support of our club! (Photo Left: Justin Condron Photo Right: Barry Meschke, Cory Ruesink and VP Dave DeHem)

MARFC Night Washed out at Mid-Michigan Raceway Park!

June 12th, 2015

ATTN: ALL MARFC MEMBERS, Looks like the rain maker Mother Nature has struck again and our MARFC Fan Club Night at Mid-Michigan Raceway Park has been cancelled. Please let those who don’t have e-mail or internet access know! We are pleased to announce the Gene & Linda have already rescheduled our event for Friday August 21, 2015. Many thanks to them for supporting our club. And remember tomorrow night June 13th we will be at the Crystal Motor Speedway for our fan club day event! So R— R— Stay away!!!!

Wild Bill