More Banquet Photos!

January 31st, 2016

DSCF0467.jpg - Special MARFC Award - Jim KinslerwebSONY DSC

DSCF0515.jpg - Ton Carnegie Announcer of the Year - Jeff Striegle - MRN Radioweb

DSCF0495.jpg - Fan of the Year - Gene and Linda HurdwebDSCF0485.jpg - MARFC Presidents Award - Chas HowewebDSCF0468.jpg - MARFC Special Achievement Award - Larry LaMaywebDSCF0501.jpg - Appreciation Award - Milt WoodwebDSCF0502.jpg - Appreciation Award - David HillikewebrDSCF0500.jpg - Appreciation Award - John NecewebDSCF0499.jpg - Appreciation Award - Eddie J. Sachs IIIwebDSCF0498.jpg - Appreciation Award - The Whisman Familyweb

(Photos Top: Bill Barnhart & Jim Kinsler) (Next Photo: Jeff Ganus, Jay Woolworth & Terry Fitzwater)(Next: Terry Fitzwater, Jeff Striegle & Bob Jenkins)(Next: Misty Bolt, Gene Hurd & Bill Barnhart)(Next: Bill Barnhart & Chas Howe) (Next: Bill Barnhart, Larry LaMay & Bill Stone)(Next: Bill Barnhart & Milt Wood)(Next: Bill Barnhart & David Hilliker)(Next: Bill Barnhart & John Nece)(Next:Bill Barnhart & Eddie Sachs III)(Next: Bill Barnhart & Donna & Joe Whisman) (Next: Bill Barnhart & Paul Anton)(Next: David Meilke & Terry Fitzwater)(Next: Bill Barnhart & Elaine Yager)(Next: Ryan & Kim Flinn, Mary Jane Flinn & Ron Drager MSPA Award) SONY DSC

fitzwebDSCF0497.jpg - Special Appreciation Award - Elaine Bogusz-YagerwebDSCF0503.jpg - MSPA Promoter of the Year - Crystal Motor Speedway - Ron Flinnweb

MARFC 50th Banquet in the Record Books for 2016!

January 31st, 2016

Founders web 2016Well our 50th Annual Awards Banquet is now part of history. With nearly 500 racers, promoters, champions, and race fans on hand the night was truly outstanding. Our top award winners were all on hand to accept their awards. One of the highlights of the evening was when the three families who founded our club were presented with special appreciation awards for their foresight in setting up the standards that our club is still following today. Vito LoPiccolo, Willis Flokstra and Sandy Lewis-Modena all were there and thanks all of the Billsweb1fans for keeping our club moving forward. It was also great to see one of our past presidents Bill Stone attended the banquet as he has had health issues for a long time now. Our Special award winners were Promoter of the DSCF0491.jpg - Promoter of the Year - Springport Speedway - Jeff and Pam ParishwebYear was Jeff & Pam Parish & the Springport Motor Speedway. The Mechanic of the Year went to Steve Marquiss who built championship motors for several race teams in 2015! 2015 MARFC Fans of the Year were Gene & Linda Hurd. A Special MARFC Contribution to Motorsports Award was presented to Jim Kinsler. Other Special Awards were given to Elaine Yager who 50 years ago designed our clubs logo. Other MARFC Appreciation awards went to the following for their continuous support of our club over the years: Bob & Diane Shalla, Paul & Iris DSCF0494.jpg - Mechanic of the Year - Steve MarquisswebAnton, Eddie Sachs III, John Nece, Milt Wood, David Hilliker, Quick Made Trophy’s, Gary DeCarlo & DeCarlso’s Banquet Center and to Jimmy Gullett & Jim’s Industrial Catering. Then Ron Drager President of the MSPA presented their 2015 Promoter of the Year Award to Ron Flinn of the Crystal Motor Speedway. We also saw Terry Fitzwater present his Drivers of DSCF0477.jpg - MARFC - Eddie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award - Bob Jenkinswebthe Year Awards to; David Mielke for Dirt and Jeff Ganus for Asphalt and he also with the help of Bob Jenkins awarded Jeff Striegle with the Tom Carnegie Announcer of the Year Award. We as so thankful for all who donated items for our silent auction it helped so very much. Just so many folks to thank for helping make this banquet the most fantastic one we have had in many years. THANKS TO EVERYONE!(Photos Top: Founders of Club) (Second photo: Bill Barnhart, Bill Stone & Bill Walters)(Third Photo: Pam & Jeff Parish & Bill Barnhart) ( Forth Photo: Steve Marquiss & Bill Barnhart)(Last Photo: Eddie Sachs III, Bob Jenkins & Bill Barnhart)(Photos Provided by Paul Anton & Rand Thompson)

Silent Auction at 2016 MARFC Banquet!

January 10th, 2016

OK Folks! Here are just a few items that will be in our silent auction at our 50th Annual Awards Banquet held on January 23, 2016. We have many more items that will be up for bid at this auction so be sure to help us raise funds for our club and bid big to win! Many Thanks in advance to all the winners who show up and bid!  Bill Barnhart MARFC President

2016 auction web


MARFC 50th Banquet Closing in on January 23, 2016!

January 2nd, 2016

Ok Folks, This is just a reminder that this is your last chance to get tickets to our 50th Annual MARFC Banquet on January 23rd! Just contact me and send in your request for tickets no later than January 8th in order to get them returned to you on time. This is a once in a lifetime event for us here at MARFC and again if you have never been to the banquet before or have not attended it in a long time you might need to do so. Contact me ASAP so you don’t miss out on a great time with all the champions who attend as well as our top award winners for 2015! If you are a champion that has been invited to our banquet and have not yet responded you need to do so RIGHT NOW as the awards have already been ordered and the program is set to got to printers on January 8th! ABSOLUTELY NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR!  We are also having a silent auction at this year’s banquet with a great collection of items and we have a large Dale Earnhardt & Richard Petty collection with some autographed Penske die-cast also available as well as many other racing items to be auctioned off so remember to bring extra cash to be able to bid for these great items. All these items auctioned off will help with all the added cost of the 50th Anniversary Celebration for this special event. Many thanks in advance for your support! So bid often and high to win!  Check our web site to see some of the auction items. As always any questions or comments contact me at: Bill Barnhart at:


Decembers 2015 Children’s Christmas Party!

December 12th, 2015

kids1kids2Another fantastic day for our Annual Children’s Christmas Party! All the kid’s young & old were treated to lunch while balloon sculptures were made for all the kid’s and then we held the kid’s door prize raffle and everyone won a great prize. Then “Barry the Great” stopped in for a great magic show. And then a few of the kid’s helped President Bill Barnhart lead all in attendance sing in Santa with some Christmas songs and it worked as Santa found his way to the hall and meet all the kid’s giving each of them a gift. Many Thanks to all who donated to make this an outstanding event for the kid’s and the family we were able to help out with our non-perishable food items that we collected. Special thanks to Jimmy Gullett for the donation of all the food for the luncheon and a bit thanks to Barb Gullett who chaired the event again this year and did a great job. To all who helped out set up and take down for the party I say a Big Thank You to you all!(Top Photo: Barry the Great with his helpers)(Bottom Photos: MARFC Board of Directors with Santa)kids3

MARFC November Meeting & Kart Racing for 2015!

November 15th, 2015

stevejrwebnewhousewebwhismanjrwebFull house of fans and racers for our meeting at JDKarting in Novi. Our guest speakers for the night were 2014 Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Champion Steve Cronenwett Jr. who told us about growing up as a third generation racer and everything he learned from his family to be able to win his championships also talked about taking on the role of advisor to our next speaker and 2015 Late laurawebprezracingwebModel Rookie Clarity Newhouse who also spoke of what it takes to be a woman driver with only a short time of racing under her belt and hopes to take it up to a higher level next season. She also talked about her traveling to schools this past fall and informing the kids about the science and technology it takes to go racing. We also had rookie F-8 driver Dennis Whisman Jr. on hand he told us how he was able to start racing in cage karts and then run in the F-8 division at Flat Rock and his Dad Dennis Whisman Sr. is his biggest fan and Dennis Jr. said of how many times he had beaten his Dad this past season and only being 14 years old. Then Laura Tucker was on hand to tell us about their Midwest Indoor Racing Series event in Battle Creek, Michigan during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. She talked about the time frame it takes to bring in the track and set it up and then take it down after as well as all the different divisions that they will have running that weekend. Then it came time to ride the karts and those who ran them had a great time and yours truly even put on my helmet and went for run. Slow Run but still a run! Many Thanks to Clarity Newhouse who donated and additional race session for those who wished to race twice that evening! Once again thanks to all of our guest speakers for making our meeting a great one.(Photo Top Left: Steve Cronenwett Jr. Top Center: Clarity Newhouse Top Right: Dennis Whisman Jr.) ( Bottom Left: Laura Tucker, Bottom Right: Race action) ( Photo’s by Rand Thompson)

Update on October 2015 General Meeting!

October 28th, 2015

stevenwebdavidwebrogerwebOur first general fall meeting for 2015 at Papio’s Food & Spirits is now it the books as one of the best we have had in a while. Both the Hilliker brothers told us of how they got started in racing and that Steven has amassed 18 championships through the years while David is at 12 total championships. They have the leowebnext generation of Hillikers on the way but neither has the thought of retiring anytime soon. Both Leo “The Chef” Pego & “Shut Up” Roger Williams informed us of how they got started in racing. Roger was raised in racing and credited Leo for helping in his start of announcing. Leo stated that he had no plans on becoming a track announcer he started with driving but lettering the race cars was his first passion and announcing was just pushed on him and he has done a great job throughout the years He and Roger are a great tag team. (Top Left: Steven Hilliker Top Center: David Hilliker Top Right: Roger Williams Bottom: Leo Pego)

MARFC Attends MSPA 2015 Fall Meeting at M.I.S.!

October 28th, 2015

mspa web 1On October 22, 2015 the Michigan Speedways Promoters Association held its annual fall meeting at the Michigan International Speedways media center. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss various topics like: How to get more fans to attend, to overall costs in running their facilities, what kinds of advertising is the most beneficial to their tracks, how to give the fans the best bang for their buck. They even had a promoter from a national series who was there to say they are trying to form an association like the MSPA down south to help benefit their state also. They talked about the younger kids coming into the sport and the cost of making sure everyone is safe by installing more safety equipment for the racers and the track crews. How to use social media better to get more people involved in our sport! Also the rising costs of insurance for all who race and attend races. Many discussions take place on what venders they have at the different tracks and how to keep prices down and still make it financially. All the associate members each get the opportunity to talk about their organizations. There are many different ones on hand, racing series, tire distributors, insurance companies, safety venders, fan clubs and racing fuel companies. We here talk all the time about how the promoters are making big money off the fans and racers! I personally would say to anyone who would like to try to trade places with a promoter for a week or two to see if they could get the job done I’d say go try it sometime. They battle with Mother Nature, local stick & ball sports, bad economy in some areas, the rising fuel cost for racers, fans & track vehicles, and the cost of running a special show and bringing in a large racing series these are just a few things we as racers and fans don’t realize what the promoters have to go through to put on a weekly show for about 16 to 18 weeks a year and still have taxes, utilities, and maintain their facilities for the rest of the year. So with many race tracks loosing fans and racers because of the economy we are slowly seeing them fold and shut down and never to reopen again. I say take the time to say thank you to the promoters for giving us fans and racers a place for us to come and enjoy the sport we all know and love.

MARFC October Meeting Reminder!

October 24th, 2015

ATTENTION ALL MARFC MEMBERS!   Don’t forget that on Sunday October 25, 2015 is our first fall general meeting and our cheer raffle drawing will be held at Papio’s Food & Spirits, 2280 S. Reese Rd., Reese, and Mi. 48757. This will be a Sunday afternoon meeting and will be getting started at 2:00 pm. We will be drawing our MARFC Raffle winners at this meeting. Our speakers will be Leo “The Chef” Pego & “Shut Up” Roger Williams along with both the Hilliker brothers Dave & Steve. So come and join us for a great meeting. Directions are take I-75 from the north or south to exit 151 (M-81 E). Take M-81 east 9.3 miles to S. Reese Rd. and turn right (South) to 2280 Reese Rd.

MARFC Turns 50 on September 25, 2015!

September 27th, 2015

B&W Flag copyAs I sit here thinking about how the fan club got its start 50 years ago I have to recall the stories that I have been told by our club founders. On September 25, 1965 six people who enjoyed our sport of auto racing sat down and put to paper the guide lines of what we now call our bylaws and formed the Michigan Automobile Racing Fan Club. They never believed that the club would go on for more than a few years not only to see it get to fifty. Those six people were Vito & Barbara LoPiccolo, Willis & Marian Floskstra and Bob & Norma Lewis. With their leadership they built the club up and had some great people volunteer to help keep it going all these years. I for one am glad to have the chance to see it become what it is today and give thanks to those six individuals for their foresight in creating our club and enjoy helping to keep it moving forward and into the future. So HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY MARFC and here’s to the next fifty years! To see more about our clubs history go to the links page and click on history.