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September President’s thoughts!

Well, our fan club days are all but done for the year and season championships have all but been wrapped up so it looks like we are in the twilight of yet another racing season. I will say that it has been a great season with plenty of hot weather although we have had our share of rain. Good for farming but bad for racing. We were able to welcome in the Whittemore Speedway and welcome back the Springport Motor Speedway this year and returned to so many of our longtime member tracks. I wish to say Thank You to all of our tracks that hosted a MARFC Day this past summer we really appreciated it and had a blast. As we move on into the fall, we want to remind you to sell your raffle tickets and if you need anymore don’t hesitate to call me at 586-465-7046 and I’ll get you some more. We have a group putting on a 25 year reunion for the old Mt. Clemens Race Track on December 4th in Mt. Clemens. Contact me if you are interested and I’ll get you in touch with the event organizers, Terry Bogusz Jr. and Laura Tucker. Tickets will be $25.00 and will feature an open bar and buffet meal.

Received some sad news out of the Mt. Clemens Race Track community! Paulette Escalante passed away at the end of July. Many will remember Paulette as the driver of the #70 Camaro in the Powder Puff Division. Paulette always put on a great show and didn’t give an inch on the race track. She won many features and was the champion of the division as well. Paulette was always excited and jubilant after winning a race and she conveyed that to her fans and friends as well. Paulette will be sorely missed by her sister Judy who was also a winning and championship driver in the same division. Many will remember Judy as Judy Brodeur or Harm. I remember the fun times we all had and pass along the club’s condolences to Paulette and Judy’s family, keep them in your prayers.

Get out to some of the fall specials and take in some great year end shows and as always, get ready for our winter time monthly meetings and the banquet in January 2011.