Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

2005 Awards Banquet

39th Annual Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club Awards Banquet

Celebrating Achievements during the 2004 Racing Season

Imperial House, Clinton Township, MI

January 17, 2005

President “Wild”Bill Barnhart
Vice President Larry Iacoboni
Secretary-Treasurer Susan Ginter
Publicity Director Vito LoPiccolo
Jr. Public Relations Director Jimmy Tucker
Board of Directors
Dave DeHem Jeff Moroni
Al Peltier Cory Russell
Fran Russo Bill Stone
Laura Tucker Bill Walters
Master of Ceremonies
Larry loynes
Ticket & Membership Chairperson Fran Russo
Raffle Tickets Laura TuckerSue Iacoboni Cathie Rohloff Cory Russell
Photographer Paul Anton
Webmaster Rob Michon
Raffle Prize Chairperson Larry Iacoboni
Ed Howe/Howe Racing Enterprises
MARFC President’s Award
Edie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award Gary Fedewa
Michigan Electronic Media Award Greg Yost “Raceday Review” WTRX Sports
Motorsports Publication of the Year Mid-American Racing News
ARCA RE/Max Series Frank Kimmell
ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series Chad Guinn
ARCA Late Model Gold Cup Series Dennis Strickland*
ARCA Late Model Over All- Flat Rock & Toledo Dennis Strickland*
ARCA Figure 8 Overall Dennis Whisman*
ARCA Four Cylinder Series Kevin Stepinski
Auto City Speedway Pro-Late Model Tony Brabbs
Auto City Speedway Modified Chuck Silva*
Auto City Speedway Factory Stock Mike Walther
Auto City Speedway Thunder Truck Kyle Hayden
Calhoun County Speedway Super Late Model Harry Foot Jr.
Calhoun County Speedway Modified Jim Butler
Calhoun County Speedway Street Stock Ben Hidey
Calhoun County Speedway Pony Stock Kenny Clark
Cherry Speedway Late Model Eric Spangler
Crystal Motor Speedway Late Model Bill Trueblood Jr.
Crystal Motor Speedway IMCA Modified Rick Stout
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Stock Jeff Reist
Crystal Motor Speedway Hobby Stock Kevin Rohn
Dixie Motor Speedway Factory Stock Joe Hodgeson II
Dixie Motor Speedway Pro Late Model Jay Reinbold
Dixie Motor Speedway Modified Bob Szecsodi
Dixie Motor Speedway Factory Fours Steve Morris
Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Eric Lee
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock B-Main Jimmy Rae*
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock C-Main James Pankow
Flat Rock Speedway Figure 8 Dennis Whisman*
Kalamazoo Speedway Pure Stock Luke Krick
Kalamazoo Speedway Pro Stock Ben Raber
Kinross Speedway Late Model Nick Guerriero
Kinross Speedway 4 Cylinder John Claswson
Kinross Speedway Factory Stock Kevin Johnson
Merritt Speedway Late Model Eric Spangler
Merritt Speedway MMA Modified Matt Saxon
Merritt Speedway Street Stock John Wilkosz
Michigan Legends Series & Masters Bill Simons
Michigan Legends Semi-Pro Series Ryan Meldrum
Michigan Legends Pro Series Levi Rouster
Michigan Legends Series Rookie of the Year Krissy Kilbourn
Michigan Modified Association Asphalt Overall Harry Parish
Michigan Modified Association Dirt Overall Paul Bouwman
MId-Michigan Raceway Park MMA Modified Don Proctor Jr.
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Street Stock Carl Thayer
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Pro Stock Rich Clapp
Mt. Pleasant Speedway Modified Larry Wiggins Jr.
Owosso Speedway Super Late Model Scott Giroux
Owosso Speedway Limited Late Model Tommy Hoose
Owosso Speedway Street Stock John Forsythe Jr.
Owosso Speedway Four-Cylinder Series Chris Trinklein
Short Track Truck Series Joe Shuryan II*
S.O.D. Sprint Series Dustin Daggett
Spartan Speedway Late Model Harry Foote Jr.
Spartan Speedway MMA Modified Bud Perry
Spartan Speedway Street Stock Landon Hidy
Spartan Speedway Pony Stock Jerry Garland
Spartan Speedway Figure 8 Jeff Cummings
Tri-City Speedway Late Model Ray Meylan
Tri-City Speedway Modified Cale Wiltse
Tri-City Speedway Street Stock Kevin Harder
Toledo Speedway Late Model Joe Hawes
Toledo Speedway Sportsman Ron Allen
Toledo Speedway Factory Stock James Hazlett
Toledo Speedway Figure 8 Greg Studt
W.O.W Midget Series Ike Beasley
Tri City Heavy Honda & Heavy 160 Champion Brandon Johnson
Tri City Sr. Honda & Lt. Mod. Champion Nicholas Grodi
Tri City Jr. Honda Champion Max Thompson
Tri City Sr. Stock Champion Kerra Allen
Tri City Jr. Stock Champion Taylor Lynn Ferns
Tri-City Lt. 160 Champion Kevin Hawk