Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

May 2004 Minutes

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you see it? If you can do all these things it must be race time here in Michigan. Tracks are open and the sound of the engines, the smell of tires and racing fuel, and the on track action is what we have been waiting for the whole winter long. When you get the chance take a minute and thank all the track owners & promoters for giving us the chance once again to enjoy the sport we all love so much. Without their hard work to keep these racing facilities open & operating we’d see our sport dwindle away. So be sure to say Thanks when you can.

Last month we were sadden to hear that current & passed board members Bill & Richard Walters mother passed away. Also long time member Pat McInerney mother passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with them & their families at this time.

If you are a MARFC member and are a driver we are asking you to contact our web-site manager with your name track you run at regularly and a short bio so we can add you to our Racing Members page on our site. If you can send a photo also so other members who travel to different tracks across the state will know our members who race and cheer them on. Contact Rob Michon at We’d like to see more members added to this page soon.

As always, keep racing!!

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC

April Meetings



If you missed the chance to make it to our April meeting at M.I.S. you missed out big time. Over 70 members had an outstanding time with great weather on hand to boot.  Bill Janitz PR Director of the speedway informed us of all the changes going on at the speedway and took the time to answer everyone’s questions that was asked. Then it was off on the tour itself. We all posed for a group photo at the start finish line after a quick ride around the speedway and members getting the feel of walking up the 18 degree turns to the wall. Bill Janitz also donated some extra items for our door prize table and a special raffle was held for three of our members to get a pace car ride around the speedway. The money raised for the raffle will go to our Children’s Christmas Party fund. The three winners were, Dwain Lecot, Willis Flokstra, and Mark Lewkowicz. We wish to thank Bill Janitz and tour guide Tim Booth as well as Carol Donovan for all the help and work to allow us this great day of fun. Our 50/50 winner was Laura Tucker who donated 1/2 back to the Children’s Christmas fund.

Thanks Laura! Thanks to Jack Lecot for volunteering as official refreshment host. Thanks to Sue Ginter, Bill Walters, and Sue Iacoboni for helping with our raffles. Once again a very special THANK YOU to the Michigan International Speedway for the invite.