MARFC Attends Spring 2017 MSPA Meeting:

Earlier this  month MARFC board members attended the spring annual meeting of the Michigan Speedway Promoters Association that meets twice a year to discuss the ongoing concerns of running a speedway with, insurance, how to get more fans and bigger car counts along with discussing how to make rules a line between the different tracks. Believe it or not they are working hard to keep our sport alive and help the fans, car owners, and drivers continue to move forward in racing her in Michigan. Kalamazoo Speedway was chosen by the MSPA as its 2016 Promoter of the Year Award and owner Gary Howe was very thankful for this honor by his fellow track owners. (Top Photo: MSPA Board Members with Steve Puvalowski from the Tri-City Motor Speedway giving a presentation) ( Bottom Photo” Promoter & owner of Kalamazoo Speedway Gary Howe with his 2016 MSPA Promoter of the Year Award)