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Tri-City Motor Speedway Report!

Great turn out for our annual trek to Tri-City Motor Speedway. Good weather and outstanding racing for all race fans to see that evening. Dale & Tina Rondo won our MARFC members raffle that evening. Factory Stock # 18 driver Nick Putman was chosen to receive our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag for working his way up the ranks in two different division over the years and his dedication to the speedway. Way to go Nick! We would like to thank Mike Blackmer and his entire staff for 

their hospitality. Good to see our old friend “Shut Up” Roger Williams who did a great job talking up the club that night. Big thanks to all who stopped by and lent a hand at our table that night. John Jackson, David Howe, Bill Walters, Spencer Nelson and Robert Dickey. Looing foreword to returning in the 2022 seas season.(Photo Top Left: David Howe, Nick Putman, Bill Barnhart, & John Jackson)(Photo Top Right: Nick Putman)(Photo Bottom Left: David Howe, Dale & Tina Rondo & John Jackson)(Photo Bottom Right: Bill Walters, Bill Barnhart,& Spencer Nelson)