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President’s Desk – September 2005

On September 25, 2005 our club will be officailly 40 years old. There were some doubts that we’d make it to five or even ten years. But, look at us now!  We are currently just over 1,200 members strong all across the state and with members in other states as well as a few Canadian members to boot. We have 14 membership tracks as well as many other racing series who are also members of our club. 

I think we all should stand up and take a bow and give ourselves a big round of applause for making our organization as great as it is today. I personally thank all of you for your continued support through out the time that I have been President. I know that as we continue to grow with your help and support we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in September 2015 won’t that be one fantastic party. Once again Congratulations to all you loyal MARFC members! 

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC