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December 2003 Minutes

December 2003

I know that this month will be very busy for all members but we must take a minute to remember what the up coming holidays mean to all of us. Remember to try to help the less fortunate when you can. It makes the season more enjoyable when you do. Remember to keep your thoughts and prayers for the loved ones that we have lost this year and also with our armed forces as they are away and are working hard to keep us and our country safe.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the 38th Annual MARFC Awards Banquet for January 17, 2004.Tickets are going fast so contact me ASAP for more information or to order your tickets. Remember it’s time to renew your memberships for the 2004 year. You can even give a MARFC membership to a friend or relative for a Christmas gift. Once again May God Bless and Kept you all and have a safe and joyous holiday season and hope to see all of you next season.

Happy Holidays,

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC



The November meeting was once again a packed house. Our first guest was the Owner & promoter of the Tri-City Speedway Chris Kamlay. Chris told us of how he first got started racing first in drag racing and enduros and up to limited late models. He also informed us of the nearly two-year deal it took to get the Tri-City Speedway. His entire family is part of the ownership deal and they all helped out after the deal was signed and in only about a two-week time they were able to get the track ship shape for the grand re-opening this pasted year. Chris has now added the Tri-City Speedway to our membership and we will be glad to work with him on adding the Speedway to our Fan Club Days event schedule.


Next up was Flat Rock Street Stock Champion Brian Norton. Brian started his racing career driving enduros and then with help from his Uncle and family they built a street stock and look where his is today. He told us of his driving of a Sprint car one time and the time he drove a figure “8” school bus race. Brian said that a big thrill was driving the legendary Joy Fair’s late model this past season a couple of times and winning a heat race with it was a great deal to not only him but also the Joy. Brian has been a great supporter of our club a we thank him for that.




Stan Yee, Jr. the Flat Rock Late Model Champion was on hand and told us of how he never thought that he would end up driving for his father Stan Sr. First he and some of his crew built a Street Stock and ran a season or two with that with some success and the got the chance to drive a Late Model for anther car owner. With all the great drivers who had driven his Dad’s car like Joe Ruttman, John Anderson, Steve Lee and Chuck Roumell Stan had a lot to prove. Stan said that his Dad continues to build and engineer the chassis today with great success. Now with this Championship Stan says he feels like he is part of the history of the familiar yellow # 33.


Our Children’s Christmas Party Fund Raiser Raffle was also held at our October meeting. Five-year-old Austin Michon reached deep into our ticket barrel and pulled the two winning tickets and would you believe that the winner for both the Racing Patch Quilt and the Eddie Sachs Die cast were the same person. Carl Bumgarder of Saline, MI was the winner.

Carl Donated the Racing Patch Quilt to the Focus Motor Sports Ministries group who will have it on display in the traveling trailer at many racing events.

Congratulations Carl, and a special thanks to all who donated their time.


Last month at the Flat Rock Speedway Awards Banquet, we were on hand to present the Speedway with a special award for celebrating 50 years of racing. Receiving the award was promoter/ owner Ron Drager and Co-founder of ARCA Mildred Marcum. Fifty years is a great milestone and we hope to honor all of our membership tracks in the future as they hit this mark or even longer in our sport of auto racing here in Michigan.  Pictured above from left to right are MARFC President, Bill Barnhart, ARCA President of ARCA, Ron Drager, and The ARCA Matriarch, Mildred Marcum.