Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

June 2000 Minutes


Racing Season is in full swing now and many of us have experienced all that racing in Michigan has to offer.  Close battles for the lead, spectacular crashes, sun(both bright and liquid varieties) cold and heat.   There are many more opportunities to enjoy your favorite kind of racing this summer, so go enjoy them.

See ya there!!!

A lot has been happening these past few weeks, hopefully this will bring us up to speed.


We would like to thank Roger Blackstock for his support of our club.  The MARFC Logo flew proudly on the hood of Roger’s ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde car for the Flat Rock Race.  Our logo was also be on the car at the Toledo Race on June 23.

National Association of Auto Racing Fan Club Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana

Members that honored Eddie Sachs induction into the National Fan Club Hall of Fame and represented MARFC at the convention.

(l to r) Bill Walters, George Adansk, Edna Adansk, Bill Walters, Vito LoPiccolo, Eddie Sachs Jr., Bill Stone, Len Butler, Paul Anton and Bill Barnhart (not pictured)


Fan Club Days

Please excuse the missing information for the photos below as soon as it is recovered it will be replaced—Thanks!!


Crystal Speedway


Left:  Lee Wonnacott presents Jay Van Dyke with the MARFC helmet /uniform bag

Right:  President, Bill Barnhart hard at work ready to sign new members.




Grandpa Eddie Hill(middle) with track owner/promoter Paul Zimmerman(left) and President, Bill Barnhart(right)


Flat Rock Speedway

President Bill Barnhart and Larry Iacoboni present the MARC Uniform/Helmet bag to Bryan Ausmus


Toledo Speedway

Larry Iacoboni(left) and President Bill Barnhart(right) present Paul Duffin with the MARFC helmet/uniform bag

Wild Bill and Larry Iacoboni help out a prospective new member


Merritt Speedway

No photo available

MARFC Board Member Bill Walters and Track Promotors Ed and Carmen Van Duinen presented the MARFC helmet/uniform bag to Ron Bennett Jr.