February 2016 MARFC Meeting Update!

mstrcweb3mstrcweb1Our general meeting was held at the Capitol Bowl in Owosso and was in conjunction with the MSTRC’s Annual Fundraiser & Bowling Tournament that raised money for those racing folks who are in need of a helping hand during a time of sickness or hardship. Glad to say it was a great night seeing a lot of folks come out and enjoy a fun night and support this great cause. Many thanks to Chuck Darling and his crew for making this all happen. Had many members there to help in this event was just outstanding. ( Photos Top Left: MSTRC bowlers Top Right: Larry Loynes MC’s Raffle items & Bottom Photo: MARFC members enjoying the evening)mstrcweb2

More Banquet Photos!

DSCF0467.jpg - Special MARFC Award - Jim KinslerwebSONY DSC
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Jim Kinsler, Right image: Jeff Ganus, Jay Woolworth & Terry Fitzwater

DSCF0515.jpg - Ton Carnegie Announcer of the Year - Jeff Striegle - MRN RadiowebDSCF0495.jpg - Fan of the Year - Gene and Linda Hurdweb
Left image: Terry Fitzwater, Jeff Striegle & Bob Jenkins, Right image: Misty Bolt, Gene Hurd & Bill Barnhart

DSCF0485.jpg - MARFC Presidents Award - Chas HowewebDSCF0468.jpg - MARFC Special Achievement Award - Larry LaMayweb
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Chas Howe, Right image: Bill Barnhart, Larry LaMay & Bill Stone

DSCF0501.jpg - Appreciation Award - Milt WoodwebDSCF0502.jpg - Appreciation Award - David Hillikewebr
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Milt Wood, Right image: Bill Barnhart & David Hilliker

DSCF0500.jpg - Appreciation Award - John NecewebDSCF0499.jpg - Appreciation Award - Eddie J. Sachs IIIweb
Left image: Bill Barnhart & John Nece, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Eddie Sachs III

DSCF0498.jpg - Appreciation Award - The Whisman FamilywebSONY DSC
Left image: Bill Barnhart & Donna & Joe Whisman, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Paul Anton

fitzwebDSCF0497.jpg - Special Appreciation Award - Elaine Bogusz-Yagerweb
Left image: David Meilke & Terry Fitzwater, Right image: Bill Barnhart & Elaine Yager

DSCF0503.jpg - MSPA Promoter of the Year - Crystal Motor Speedway - Ron Flinnweb
MSPA Award: Ryan & Kim Flinn, Mary Jane Flinn & Ron Drager

MARFC 50th Banquet in the Record Books for 2016!

Founders web 2016Well our 50th Annual Awards Banquet is now part of history. With nearly 500 racers, promoters, champions, and race fans on hand the night was truly outstanding. Our top award winners were all on hand to accept their awards. One of the highlights of the evening was when the three families who founded our club were presented with special appreciation awards for their foresight in setting up the standards that our club is still following today. Vito LoPiccolo, Willis Flokstra and Sandy Lewis-Modena all were there and thanks all of the Billsweb1fans for keeping our club moving forward. It was also great to see one of our past presidents Bill Stone attended the banquet as he has had health issues for a long time now. Our Special award winners were Promoter of the DSCF0491.jpg - Promoter of the Year - Springport Speedway - Jeff and Pam ParishwebYear was Jeff & Pam Parish & the Springport Motor Speedway. The Mechanic of the Year went to Steve Marquiss who built championship motors for several race teams in 2015! 2015 MARFC Fans of the Year were Gene & Linda Hurd. A Special MARFC Contribution to Motorsports Award was presented to Jim Kinsler. Other Special Awards were given to Elaine Yager who 50 years ago designed our clubs logo. Other MARFC Appreciation awards went to the following for their continuous support of our club over the years: Bob & Diane Shalla, Paul & Iris DSCF0494.jpg - Mechanic of the Year - Steve MarquisswebAnton, Eddie Sachs III, John Nece, Milt Wood, David Hilliker, Quick Made Trophy’s, Gary DeCarlo & DeCarlso’s Banquet Center and to Jimmy Gullett & Jim’s Industrial Catering. Then Ron Drager President of the MSPA presented their 2015 Promoter of the Year Award to Ron Flinn of the Crystal Motor Speedway. We also saw Terry Fitzwater present his Drivers of DSCF0477.jpg - MARFC - Eddie Sachs Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award - Bob Jenkinswebthe Year Awards to; David Mielke for Dirt and Jeff Ganus for Asphalt and he also with the help of Bob Jenkins awarded Jeff Striegle with the Tom Carnegie Announcer of the Year Award. We as so thankful for all who donated items for our silent auction it helped so very much. Just so many folks to thank for helping make this banquet the most fantastic one we have had in many years. THANKS TO EVERYONE!(Photos Top: Founders of Club) (Second photo: Bill Barnhart, Bill Stone & Bill Walters)(Third Photo: Pam & Jeff Parish & Bill Barnhart) ( Forth Photo: Steve Marquiss & Bill Barnhart)(Last Photo: Eddie Sachs III, Bob Jenkins & Bill Barnhart)(Photos Provided by Paul Anton & Rand Thompson)

Silent Auction at 2016 MARFC Banquet!

OK Folks! Here are just a few items that will be in our silent auction at our 50th Annual Awards Banquet held on January 23, 2016. We have many more items that will be up for bid at this auction so be sure to help us raise funds for our club and bid big to win! Many Thanks in advance to all the winners who show up and bid!  Bill Barnhart MARFC President

2016 auction web