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Mt. Pleasent Speedway Fan Club Day!

July 26, 2010 2010 MinutesUncategorized

Friday night July 23rd saw the club beat out bad weather predictions around the state for a great night of racing at the Mount Pleasant Speedway. Kenny and Larry Letts along with Board Member Chuck “Choo Choo” Horan and VP “Wild” Bill Barnhart manned the membership table along with yours truly “Da Prez”. What a great night to see so many MARFC Members at this racy dirt track located right in the heart of the state. Randy Kretzinger, driver of the #57 Stock-Mini was selected by the track to receive the MARFC Helmet Bag. Kretzinger, of Holt is in his second year at Mount Pleasant and was involved in a horrific racing accident a few weeks ago resulting in a series of barrel rolls and flips that destroyed his ride and took the jaws of life to extricate him from his car...

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Rain Cancels Galesburg MARFC Day!

July 24, 2010 2010 MinutesUncategorized


Mother Nature has won again!  Our MARFC Fan Club Day event at the Galesburg Speedway has been cancelled. At this time, we ae not sure if a reschedule date will be possible due to the remaining race season.  Please contact those who do not have interneet access and let them know!

Bill Barnhart
Vice President, MARFC

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Whittmore Fan Club Day

July 24, 2010 2010 MinutesUncategorized



July 17 saw the club head to Michigan’s Oldest Speedway, the Whittemore Speedway in Whittemore, Michigan. 18 members signed in for our first ever night here which was exceptional, especially since many of them had never been to the track before. The racing was exceptional and very exciting with Spartan Bag Winner Earl “The Pearl” Miles taking the win each time the car hit the track. Our MARFC Bag recipient this week was longtime Limited Late Model Driver Pierre LaTienne. Pierre is a past president of the Whittemore Racing Club and has been selected in prior years as Sportsman of the Year. The bag may have been good luck as Pierre promptly went out and won his first heat race of the year.

Betty Timbs was the MARFC member raffle prize winner and table helpers were Sue Ginter a...
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Long Time MARFC Member Passes!

July 19, 2010 2010 MinutesUncategorized

July 19, 2010

On behalf of all of us here at the Michigan Automobile Racing Fan Club we are very saddened to hear about the passing of one of our longtime members and friend Ed VanDuinen. Ed and his wife Carmen were the longtime owners and promoters of the Merritt Speedway as well as the Michigan Modified Association. He was one of the very first members of the Michigan Speedways Promoters Association and had just taken the time off the last couple of years from promoting to enjoy his retirement.

During my tenure as President of MARFC Ed was one of the first promoters to come up to me and ask if there was anything he could do to help me and the club all I needed to do was ask. That was just the kind of friend Ed was...

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7th Annual MARFC Family Picnic

July 16, 2010 2010 MinutesUncategorized

What a beautiful day in the park. Nearly 50 people showed up to enjoy some great cooking from Larry Iacoboni and some great side dishes brought out by our members. The junior race fans had a wonderful time with the PiƱata from Cory and Steve Russell and playing the games that were led by Wild Bill Barnhart and I think Bill had just as much fun as the kids did. The adult kids joined in the fun as well and some of even got a ribbon for a job well done. If you haven’t attended one of these picnics yet, be sure to put the second Sunday of July 2011 on your schedule.

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