Mother’s Day Blessings From MARFC!

Wishing all the Mothers out there a Very Happy Mother’s Day! May this day bring you Joy, Love and Happiness. For all those who cannot be with Mom this year I encourage you to contact her via, phone, e-mail online or zoom to let her know how much she means to you. I come from a racing family and my Mom knew sometimes it was best for her to take a back seat during racing season but, she supported us all no matter what we were into. She is not with us anymore as she is in her heavenly home still watching over us always. For others like me who’s mothers are also in heaven take the time to remember her on this day and all through out the year as memories are always here to recall. Once again from all of us here at MARFC a wonderful Mother’s Day to you all!

God Bless Always, Bill Barnhart MARFC President

MARFC Welcomes New Board Members for 2021!

(Left: David Howe) (Right: Kelly Hollister) ( Bottom: Nancy May) Well, our April general & elections meeting did not go as planned. With the big uptick of the COVID virus in our area we thought it would be better to cancel our meeting and not take the chance on our members being possibly exposed. Our apologies to Larry LaMay who was going to be on hand to talk about his second printing of his book 60 years of racing on both sides of the fence. A particularly good read for race fans. As for our elections this is what the current board of directors had decided to move forward. The current board will stay in place for a one-year term with hopes by then a formal election can be held next April. But we still needed to fill three positions on the board as the three current board members had chosen to move on. We appointed three new members to the board by the Executive Board to fill the positions needed for this term as only three were applied for so there would not be any need for a vote by our members to be done. Below are our newest board members with a short bio of there interest in racing. We welcome the follow MARFC members to the board of directors: Kelly Hollister, David Howe, and Nancy May. I would personally like to thank Dave DeHem for all he did for our club as Vice-President. Dave has decided to step down from being Vice-President and return to be a regular board member as his duties as President of the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame keeps him extremely busy an as MARFC VP it was just a little too much and we all appreciate his choice and are thankful that he will still be apart of the board. With that the current board has selected John Jackson current board member to step up into the Vice-Presidents roll. John will be a tremendous asset in the new position and is eager to help our club move forward in the VP roll. Congratulation to both John and David for their service to MARFC. (Left: Dave DeHem & Right: John Jackson)

Many Thanks to Out Going MARFC Board Members!









(Left: Al Peltier) (Right: Kyle Peltier) (Bottom: Barbara Gullett) I would like to take a moment to give a special thank you to a few board members who have decided to not return to the board. Big thanks to Al Peltier who served on the board for several years and will be missed by us tremendously. Al retired this past April and has moved down to Alabama. We wish him well in his retirement. Al’s son Kyle also has decided to follow the family down south and is not able to return to the board. Good Luck to the Peltier family and hope to see them come back for a visit once in a while. Also, after taking over for former Secretary/Treasurer Susan Ginter, Barbara Gullett has decided to move on from MARFC and in a different direction with other family members. Barb has been a tremendous asset to the club over the last few years not only with her board duties but, as chairperson of our annual Children’s Christmas Party. We wish her nothing but, the best in her future and hope she enjoys the time in her new endeavors. Once again, many thanks to all these folks for their time and efforts, they put into serving on the MARFC board.

Easter Blessings to All Our MARFC Family & Friends!

Just wanted to send out Easter Blessings to all our members across the state and the country. It has been a very trying year and many families have endured so much it is hard to fathom. For those who can be with family and other will have to be alone. Give trust in the Lord for he is there for all of us. All we need to do is ask for his guidance. Remember what this day is all about. If you cannot be with loved ones this year be sure to call them and let them know you are thinking about them. Please enjoy the day and be safe and pray for the Lord’s blessings to be with them again soon. Have a Wonderful Easter Sunday!

“God Bless” to all!  Stay safe and we will see you all soon!

Wild Bill Barnhart MARFC President