Wishing all Dad’s a Great & Happy Fathers Day from MARFC!

To All MARFC Fathers! We here at MARFC are sending out to all our members who are Dad’s we just wanted to tell you all to have the most outstanding and wonderful Father’s Day you could possibly have. Enjoy the day with your family and be safe. We also would ask for those who fathers are no longer with us take the time to remember all the good things you did and seen together. Let your sons and daughters know that their grandfather was fabulous & loving person in your life, and you are working to be the same in theirs. God Bless You All! Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Mother Nature Win’s Double Header from MARFC!

As a great double header weekend was on tap for all MARFC Members at both the I-96 Speedway and the Crystal Motor Speedway both were plagued with Mother Nature’s rants. Both were a wash out before the first green flag was waved. We will try to see if we can get both speedway rescheduled for later in our 2021 season. With hope that Mother Nature takes a vacation. So Sorry Folks we will try again soon! (Photo Left: I-96 Speedway) ( Photo Right: Crystal Motor Speedway) Photo’s by David Howe!

Tri-City Motor Speedway Report!

Great turn out for our annual trek to Tri-City Motor Speedway. Good weather and outstanding racing for all race fans to see that evening. Dale & Tina Rondo won our MARFC members raffle that evening. Factory Stock # 18 driver Nick Putman was chosen to receive our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag for working his way up the ranks in two different division over the years and his dedication to the speedway. Way to go Nick! We would like to thank Mike Blackmer and his entire staff for 

their hospitality. Good to see our old friend “Shut Up” Roger Williams who did a great job talking up the club that night. Big thanks to all who stopped by and lent a hand at our table that night. John Jackson, David Howe, Bill Walters, Spencer Nelson and Robert Dickey. Looing foreword to returning in the 2022 seas season.(Photo Top Left: David Howe, Nick Putman, Bill Barnhart, & John Jackson)(Photo Top Right: Nick Putman)(Photo Bottom Left: David Howe, Dale & Tina Rondo & John Jackson)(Photo Bottom Right: Bill Walters, Bill Barnhart,& Spencer Nelson)

MARFC wishes everyone a great Memorial Day Weekend! We need to remember what Memorial Day really means and take a minute to reflect the true meaning of Memorial. This is the day that we must take the time to remember all those who gave the ultimate price for freedom to keep our country and its citizens safe. As a nation who will soon celebrate 245 years of freedom and that all came at a price. Please honor these brave men and women who are no longer with us here in God’s Country and thank them for their service as they are now with God in his heavenly home. I am reminded by the lyrics of a song that fits this day!

All gave some and some gave all
And some stood through for the red, white, and blue
And some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some gave all…

“Lord we ask that you bless this day of remembrance for all those who gave their all to help keep our country safe from harm. We ask your blessing on those who need a healing hand as they have lost family members who stood and fought for our freedoms. May you continue to help and guide us all in the right direction so that someday we can all be together again at your side” Amen!

May you all have a great day filled with love and friendship as we honor and remember those who served to keep us safe now and those who are serving now here at home and abroad.

“God Bless” & Keep Safe! Bill Barnhart MARFC President