MARFC to I-96 Speedway for 2017!

Outstanding night of racing at the I-96 Speedway with a very special event with the Great Lakes Super Sprint Series on hand. Sprint driver # 18 D.J. Lamance was given our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag. Then our MARFC members raffle was won by Felicia Dood. Many Thanks to Mike Mouch and his staff for a great night this season. Table volunteers were Dave DeHem, John Jackson, Doug Jakeway and Barry Meschke. (Photo Top: Barry Meschke, DJ & Crew member, Doug Jakeway & more DJ crew) (Photo Bottom: Doug Jakeway, Barry Meschke & Felicia Dood & son)


Mother Nature tried very hard to dampen our night at the Tri-City Motor Speedway. Yet with a very large car count and packed grand stands with season Championship being crowned made for a great night for our members as well as all the other fans who attended. Street Stock # 91 driver Gary Shank Jr. was chosen to receive our MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag for having some hard luck earlier in the season. MARFC members raffle was won by Bob Bergevin. Once again, a very large thank you to Steve & Erika and the speedway for rescheduling our event on such a fantastic night of racing for all. Table helpers for the evening were Doug Jakeway, Barry Meschke, John Jackson, Larry & Kenny Letts and myself. Can’t wait to return again in 2018! (Photo Top: Roger “Shut UP” Williams, John Jackson, Gary Shank Jr. and Doug Jakeway) (Photo Bottom: ( Doug Jakeway, Kenny Letts, John Jackson, Bob Bergevin and Barry Meschke)


MARFC members saw some great vintage racing on Sunday afternoon at the picturesque Waterford Hills 1.5 mile road racing track in Clarkston, Michigan. On track in wheel to wheel racing action were some very cool vintage race cars competing in 5 different race groups. From MG to Porsche, Corvette to Formula cars, there was something for everyone. Special guest of honor, Porsche racer and 356 expert, Vic Skirmants, was on hand competing in his #70 Porsche 356 roadster. MARFC Board members Rand Thompson & John Jackson were on hand to award the MARFC Helmet bag to Corvette racer Jonathan Pfeffer from Indianapolis.  Rand & John even got to drive the track in Rand’s vintage 1973 Mercury Capri!  (Photo Top:L to R)   Waterford Hills racer extraordinaire & ambassador Danny Kellermeyer,  bag recipient Jonathan Pfeffer,  MARFC board member Rand Thompson, and Jonathan’s dad Robert, who was also racing a Corvette). (Photo Bottom: Kyle Bergeon in his Porsche leads the Corvettes of Jonathan Pfeffer #93 and Danny Kellermeyer #37 during the Group 5 feature race) Photos & Report by Rand Thompson!


Cool but great weather on hand at the Silver Bullet Speedway. Another fun filled night of racing for all who made the trip to the Bullet! Street Stock # 47 driver Louie Carufel was presented our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag as he is a former sprint car driver and now runs street stocks for fun and supports the speedway. MARFC members raffle was won by Kim Wallace. A big thank you to Matt & Nick Hoonhout and their entire staff for having us. MARFC table volunteers for the night were Bill Walters, Jeff Horan Al & Kyle Peltier. (Photo Top: Jeff Horan, Bill Walters & Louie Carufel0 (Photo Bottom: Jeff Horan, Kim Wallace, Bill Walters & Al Peltier)