2018 November General Meeting Report!

November General Meeting Report: Our meeting at the LaSenorita Mexican Restaurant in Lansing was a packed house. Our guest speakers for the night we just outstanding. First up was John Ward Jr. who was the 2018 Spartan Stock “A” Champion talked a little about his racing career and his championship. John will set aside his driving duties for the 2019 season and now manage the Bandolero series with his new In My Yard Youth Racing program and hopes to help improve the learning that these kid’s need and help with growing this division. We wish him the best! Next up was “Racin” Mason Surgener who gave a great detailed listing of what he has done to gain him a back to back championship in the Sr. Bandolero Division and what his plans are for the future. Up last was the Bandolero Jr. Bandit Champion “Hurricane” Caiden Bailey who did a fantastic job telling our members about his short couple of years racing and was excited about his 2018 championship. Once again, many thanks to all who came and enjoyed the evening with these youngsters who are our future. (Photo Top Left: John Ward Jr.) (Photo Top Right: Mason Surgener) ( Photo Middle: Caiden Bailey) ( Photo Bottom: MARFC Members in attendance)

MARFC at MSPA Fall Meeting for 2018!

Once again MARFC Board members attended the fall MSPA (Michigan Speedway Promotors Association) meeting. Much discussion was done for the day long event. Many topics like, car & fan count, social media, rules for all classes, new ways to advertise, and how to get the younger generation more involved in our sport. Plus, many other items they talk about to help bring race fans into their facilities. Fourteen different tracks were on hand as well as fifteen associate members all who contribute to help keep our sport alive and moving forward.

Report on our October General Meeting for 2018!

October General Meeting Report: Our first fall general meeting and cheer raffle drawing was held at Papio’s Food & Spirits, Reese, Mi. Our first guest speaker was Chuck Darling will be on hand to give us an update on our February Bowling Tournament Event. The next speaker was a young man who races at the Arthur Raceway and finished 2nd in points for 2018 James Rutledge Jr. James informed us on how he started racing at 4 years old and now at 10 he is hoping to move up in his division in the near future. Our last speaker was Trevor Hollis the voice of the Crystal Motor Speedway and for the GLSS Series at the I-96 Speedway when he has a chance. Trevor is a great supporter of see that our next generation be molded into our future of racing. We then held our annual fundraiser raffle with the winners are follows: First prize was won by Brian Baumgarten, then second was won by former MARFC President Russ Jacobson and third prize get to Joe Dunlap of Chesterfield, MI.(Photo Top Right: James Rutledge)( Photo Top Left: Chuck Darling) (Photo Center: Trevor Hollis) ( Photo Bottom: Members on hand)

MARFC Looses a Friend and Great Racing Promoter!

Last week the racing world lost one of the best promoters of auto racing in the state of Michigan. Steve Martin promoted the Mid-West Classic Racers (aka MCR Dwarf Car Series) for over 24 years. He was a main stay in the racing community for all who had meet him. He will truly be miss by the many racers and friends that he made contact with over the years. Each time I had the privilege to speak to Steve he was always talking of how we needed to work together to keep the youngsters involved in our sport for as long as we can. For without them our future would disappear into extinction. He always had great things to say about racers and fans and I never heard him say anything negative about any part of racing. He truly loved out sport right up to the end. It was a great privilege to be able to present Steve the MARFC Promoter of the Year Award for 2017 back in January at our banquet. We hear at MARFC send out our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Knowing that he is with his wife now and stands by the side of the Lord will help us continue and always remember them now and forever!
R.I.P. my Friend!