Crystal Motor Speedway Welcomes MARFC in 2020!

Fabulous night for some great racing on the dirt at the Crystal Motor Speedway. Our members and the rest of the fans enjoyed tons of racing with 111 cars in the pit area put on quite the show. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was given to Pro Truck # 14P driver Elizabeth Polley. This young lady has had a bit of bad luck this season with hopes that our MARFC bag with change that. New club member John Hatfield won our MARFC members raffle that night. Many thanks to Ron Flinn and his crew for rescheduling this event this season. MARFC table helpers for the evening were Rob Michon and John Jackson. (Photo Top: Elizabeth Polley and MARFC President Bill Barnhart) (Photo Bottom: (MARFC Board members working our table welcoming MARFC members)

MARFC at Silver Bullet Speedway for 2020!

Great field of cars on hand for our annual outing to the Silver Bullet Speedway for 2020. Weather was also very good that evening! Our MARFC members raffle was won by Bob Kaul. Then our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to # 60 Modified driver Jason Bagaman for supporting his division and his past championship. Special thanks to Matt Hoonhout and his crew for making it possible for our membership to enjoy another night out at the speedway. Many thanks to our table volunteers Board Members Al & Kyle Peltier and Bill Walters.(Photo Top Left: Jason Bagaman & Bill Walters) (Photo Top Right: Al Pelter , Bob Kaul & Bill Walters)

Part Two of MARFC Double Header at the Thunderbird Raceway!

Another hot night for racing on the states west side. Very packed pit area with the Great Lakes Sprint Cars on hand with all the regular racers made for some very good racing. The MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to rookie driver # 02 David Giles for supporting his division. Then new MARFC member Douglas Cooke won our MARFC members raffle that night so, welcome Doug. Thanks to PA Announcer Jeremy for all the great PR and to Tom Sprague and the staff at Thunderbird Raceway for having us. Cannot wait for next years visit! Thanks to Bill Walters 

& John Jackson for helping at our table for the night. MARFC also presented Mini-Wedge drivers Zac & Riley Jones with their awards for our banquet back in January as they were unable to attended due to unexpected family emergency! (Photo Top: David Giles & President Bill Barnhart) (Photo Middle: Bill Barnhart & new member Doug Cooke) (Photo Bottom: Bill Barnhart, Track owner Tom Sprague & both the Jones boys)


Great night for racing a little warm but not to hot. Plenty of cars in the pit area and a very good crowd on hand to see some good dirt racing. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to a Mini-Wedge driver # 32 Ella Bringer. Way to go Ella! Our MARFC members raffle winner was Ken Hermanson. A very special thanks to Ken and Robert Dickey for lending a helping hand at our MARFC table that evening. Big hanks to Betty & Mario Crook and the staff at Mt. Pleasant Speedway for having us back again and are continuing to work hard to keep racing for the rest of the season with all the COVID-19 stuff happening now in our state.(Photo Left: Club member Robert Dickey & Ella Bringer) (Photo Right: MARFC raffle winner Ken Hermanson)