MARFC Honors Those Who Served!

Have a Blessed Memorial Day from all of us here at MARFC! What can we say about Memorial Day? It is the day that each year that we honor our war veterans from all the engagements all around the world from the beginning to the war that we are currently dealing with. We need to STOP and take the time to remember all those who gave the ultimate price for us to keep the freedoms we have today. I personally did not serve in the military but, have many family members who have from WWII to Korea and the Gulf War & proud of them for doing so. Blessed to say they all returned home safe and sound but, for the many that did not come home we give our thanks and honor them on this day. So, I ask you please to take a moment and thank all those men & women who are now serving to protect us here at home and abroad and thanks those that have served our county at one time or another. Please make a point on this Memorial Day weekend to stand and give a moment of silence to honor all who paid the price for our freedom.

Always remember FREEDOM is never FREE it always comes with a cost!

“God Bless” Our Nation and Fallen Heroes Always!

Bill Barnhart
MARFC President

Auto City Speedway & Event Center Welcomes MARFC in 2019!

Yet another night of awesome racing for our members to see. Lots of action all around. Big Thanks to Joe & Sharon and the staff of Auto City Speedway and Event Center for having us and they chose our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag winner for the night. For all his dedication to our sport from the announcing booth. Yep Randy “Wolf Man” Adam was presented our bag that evening. Congratulations Randy! Amy VanDeusen was the winner of our MARFC members raffle. Thanks again to our helper for the night: Al & Kyle Peltier and Jeff Horan. (Photo Top: Wolf Man & Jeff Horan) ( Photo Bottom: Amy Van Deusen)

MARFC Returns to Flat Rock Speedway for 2019!

Another Cool night at the races! Thank You to all our members who showed up despite the cool temps. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag was presented to Street Stock driver # 87 Jerry Farmer who make racing a family affair with both his sons and father racing all in the same division. Sandy Dotson was the winner for our MARFC members raffle that night. Once again we thank Ron Drager, Scott Schultz and the staff at the Flat Rock Speedway for all they do for us as race fans. Table helpers for the night were John Jackson, Al & Kyle Peltier & Jeff Horan, Thanks to Paul Anton for stopping by our table and hanging out with us also. (Photo Top: The Farmer Family left to right: LeRoy, Trevor, L.J. & MARFC Helmet Bag winner Jerry) ( Photo Bottom: MARFC Raffle winner Sandy Dotson)


A very cool night for racing for our first event of the year at the Corrigan Oil Speedway. Our MARFC Uniform/ Helmet Bag went to the driver of the # 20 Limited Late Model, Street Stock, & Modified cars Tim Lahar. Yes, Tim runs all three divisions at the speedway to help support the track and all the divisions. MARFC raffle winner for the evening went to new members Levi Thomlison. Many thanks to our table helpers for the night John Jackson & Doug Jakeway! Also, want to thank “Big Ed” for all the great PR and also to Bandolero driver Hurricane Caiden for stopping by our table to say Howdy! Thank You to Jim Leasure and the speedway for having us back again this year. (Photo Top: Tim Lahr, MARFC Board Member John Jackson & “Big Ed” Inloes) (Photo Bottom: Lisa & Levi Thomlison)