MARFC at Kalamazoo Speedway Update!

Great night at the races for MARFC members at the Kalamazoo Speedway. A very special person for the speedway was chosen to receive our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag for all he has down for the speedway over the years even as health issues plaguing him. Kevin Barthel longtime race fan assists track photographer & video tapes all the racing each night. Congratulations to you Kevin! Robyn Seelye was our MARFC membership raffle winner! Kalamazoo Track announcer Jason Seltzer is recovering from surgery and we wish him well. Special thanks to Gary & Donna Howe for hosting our event again this season and look forward to returning next year. Thank You to our table helpers for the night John Jackson and Doug Jakeway. (Photo Left: John Jackson & Kevin Barthel) (Photo Right: John Jackson & Robyn Seelye)


Very hot and sunny evening for our trip to the Winston Speedway. Lots of fans and cars on this night to see some good side by side racing on the dirt. Stock Car driver # 37 Alex Sherwood was chosen by random draw to receive our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag that evening. Many thanks to Bill Walters for helping man our MARFC table. A big Thank You to Ed Higgins and Dan Dykman for continuing to have MARFC events at the speedway. (Photo Top: Alex Sherwood and President Bill Barnhart) ( Photo Bottom: Board Member Bill Walters)

MARFC Returns to the UP and the Kinross SpeedPark for2019!

After a long absence we were glad to return to the Kinross SpeedPark for 2019. Many thanks to Gerry Liscumb for getting the track back involved with our club. Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag was presented to Rebecca Fewchuk driver of the #99 Four Cylinder for her support of her division class and who was fast qualifier for the evening. Thanks to John Jackson for manning our table for the night. Photos provided by Kinross track photographer Bob.


MID-MICHIGAN RACWWAY REPORT: Mother Nature once again ruined our event at the Mid-Michigan Raceway Park for 2019! It’s been a rough year for the track and hope that the rest of the season gets better for both the track, fans and the competitors soon. Many thanks to Gene & Linda and the track for the invite this season.