Happy Fathers Day from MARFC!

I want to send a shout out to all the Dad’s out there! May you all have the greatest Father’s Day possible. We should all take the time to spend time with our father’s as much as possible cause learning what he can teach you is priceless. I will always remember that my Dad was the one who gave me the racing bug at a very young age and wish he could be here now to see what I have done and where I am now in the racing community. So, I ask that you take the time to remember Dad on this day if you can’t be with him in person be sure to call and tell him so and for those like me with Dad’s no longer here remember the good times and pass them along to your sons. “God Bless” and have a great day!

Crystal Motor Speedway MARFC Event Rain Delayed!

Sorry to say that our MARFC event at the Crystal Motor Speedway was cancelled due to continuous rain conditions for the past couple of days. But, glad to say that Ron Flinn and MARFC are working to reschedule this event so say tuned for updates soon! Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Toledo Speedway Report!

Clear skies on hand for our voyage to the Toledo Speedway for 2019. MARFC members were able to see some great racing on the high banked half mile track. Factory Stock # 28 driver Mike Miller was presented out MARFC Uniform/Helmet Bag for supporting his division for years he also videotaping races when he’s not driving and putting them on the net. Mike won his first heat race that evening just after the bag presentation. Gene Hurd won our MARFC members raffle. Thanks to John Jackson & Paul Anton for working our table. Many Thanks to Scott Schultz & the Speedway for the invite. (Photo Top: John Jackson & Mike Miller) (Photo Bottom: John Jackson & Misty Bolt standing in for her father Gene Hurd)