MARFC Finally has first 2020 Fan Club Day Event at Merritt Speedway!

Very hot & sunny day for racing on the dirt at the Merritt Speedway for our first fan club day event in 2020. Members and fans were treated with some great racing that evening. Our members raffle was won by Ron Bauer! Our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag was presented to long time veteran track worker & supporter Randy Hose. Randy has worked at the speedway for over 46 years and you can find him in the flag stand most every night. Congratulations on a great career Randy! Many thanks to Mike Blackmer and his staff for working with us to get this event in for 2020. Thanks to all the members who stopped by and said Hi! (Photo Left: Randy Hose & Merritt Speedway Track Announcer) (Photo Right: MARFC raffle winner Ron Bauer)


MARFC Event at Kalamazoo Speedway Cancelled for 2020!

Deeply sorry to all our members that with the state lowering the stages our MARFC fan club event for the Kalamazoo Speedway has been cancelled. Others may soon follow if things do not improve soon. Let us hope and pray that they do very soon! Please keep checking our web site along with all our membership tracks site for additional updates. Also, pass along the changes to those who do not have e-mail or internet access. Many thanks to all & hope to see you at the races soon. Wild Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Happy 4th of July from MARFC!

As we head into a holiday weekend and with all that is going on in our country and around the world we truly need to understand what the 4th of July is all about. It is about the independence we fought for so hard some 244 years ago. It was about our forefathers who made it possible to enjoy the all the freedoms we currently have today and for all those who fight to keep them now and into the future. So, celebrate the 4th of July with your family & friends and give thanks for our freedoms. Keep Safe and Keep Racing forward. “May the Good Lord Bless” and Keep all of America Safe during these turbulent times!

To all the Father’s out there we here at MARFC are wishing you all the Greatest of Father’s Day. Here is to all of you who will be with your families and enjoy this great day. For the many Dad’s who can’t be with family in today’s world we all need to give them a call or video chat with them and tell them that they have always been the greatest Dad for all they have done for you. From changing diapers, learning how to ride your bike, pushing you to do your best in school, learning and enjoying in our sport of racing and the best of all just being there when we needed him. So, cherish the time you have with him now and always! For those who’s father’s have taken the final checkered flag of live, remember those times you had with him and always take time to do that throughout the year. “God Bless to you All and enjoy the day!

Bill Barnhart MARFC President