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Blessed Mother’s Day Wishes from MARFC!

I would like to send out a very special “Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms who have keep us all safe through everything in our lives and is always there when we need her. We all need to take the time a call her during these trying days and remind her that if it wasn’t for her love and support she gave us we might not have made her proud as we became parents ourselves. For those whose mothers have gone on to be with the Lord please take a minute to remember her and that she is still working to have a place ready for us to be with her in the future when we all get to meet again. “God Bless” and have a Blessed Day!

Bill Barnhart MARFC President

Important Announcement for All MARFC Members!

Attention All MARFC Members: As we all applaud all those who are working hard to help keep our family & friends safe during these trying times and with the hopes of returning to our way of life soon. We here at MARFC are following our membership tracks and are also going to abide with the states ordered stay at home until May 15h. With this that means our fan club day events at the following speedways have been cancelled for 2020:

Corrigan Oil Speedway – Friday May 8, 2020
Flat Rock Speedway – Saturday May 9, 2020
Owosso Speedway – Saturday May 16, 2020
Tri-City Motor Speedway – Friday May 29, 2020

It will take some time to find out how it will affect how all the tracks & what they will need to do at their facilities to move forward for this racing season. With all the hardships that our race fans, racers and tracks are enduring we hope we will be able to reschedule these events for later in the season if not we need to still move forward. When we do get the green flag to return to the sport we all love so much it is our responsibility to do it safely and to help support our local racing facilities across the state to make sure they are able to stay open for the remainder of this season but in the seasons to come. Knowing many are without the finances to build their race cars, take their families to the track and the tracks loosing sponsorships due to companies large and small being shut down for so long it will take a large team effort from all involved to bring back and maintain the sport we have the passion for. So, I am asking all of us to come together and do what we can in our own way to help racing stay alive for not only us now but into the future.

Once again, many thanks to all those folks on the front lines working to help all of us. So, when you do go out please thank them for what they are doing no matter what job it is because if they were not on the front lines where would we be! May the Lord be with us all no matter what that need is physically, financially, and spiritually.

“God” Bless & As Always Keep Racing!

Wild Bill Barnhart

MARFC President

Easter Blessings to All Our MARFC Family & Friends!

We here at MARFC send out Easter Blessings to all our members across the state and the country. I know many will not be able to spend it with family and friends because of what is going on in today’s world. But we all have to put our faith in the Lord and trust he will make things right when it comes time. Please take the time to remember what this day is truly about and the reason we celebrate it not only here but across the world. Take the time to call loved ones and those who matter in our lives not only because of this blessed holiday but do it as often as you can. For some tomorrow may never come. Please be safe and Thank to Lord for all his blessings and pray for all things to return to normal soon. Enjoy the day the best you can and have a Wonderful Easter Sunday.

“God Bless” to all!  Stay safe and we will see you all soon! Bill Barnhart MARFC President

MARFC Sends Thanks!

I personally want to send a shout out to all the first responders who day in and day out are on the front lines and continue to do their jobs at the highest level possible and who are working very hard to help us all during this worldwide health crisis. Not just the police, fire and ambulance workers along with all those in the health care system but, those who are working to keep our lives as safe as possible like workers who are at the grocery stores, truckers, pharmacies, and others who are still working to see we try to make it through these trying days. I too have family members who are in the health care field and they are all doing their jobs and hoping & praying it will get over soon so they can return to our family safe and sound. So, if you do have to venture out and take care of things please let them know that you are thankful to them for continuing to do their jobs during this pandemic. If you need to go out to take care of elderly loved one’s or to get groceries, please be sure to take all the precautions necessary to do so. Make sure you do what you can to stay safe and if you don’t need to get out please stay at home as much as you can to help this thing get over so we can return to a normal life like we once hand before all this.

May the Lord Bless & Keep Us All! Bill Barnhart MARFC President