2002 Minutes

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August 2002 Minutes


We here at the Michigan Automobile Racing Fan Club would like to take this opportunity to send out a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our membership tracks for making it another great racing season for our members. Without their continuing support of our club we would not be here. For nearly 37 years our club has had many race tracks that have supported our club through out the State of Michigan. We once again thank the following tracks for their


As members, remember to thanks these tracks for being apart of our club.

As Always,

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

July Meetings/Fan Club Days
Auto City Speedway

Great night for racing. The weather was nice and had a packed pit area. We presented the MARFC/Uniform and Helmet Bag to the #96 Street Stock of Keith Speers. Keith is a good sportsman, and lends his car for charity events.The winner of the 50/50 raffle was a club member James Thomason. James donated $ 50 back to the Injured Driver Fund. We thank him for that and we even meet up with Tim O’Berry a driver who we helped out after a crash at the Owosso Speedway back in 1997 when he broke both legs and heard he is able to be back racing again.

Very Special Thanks to Dr. Bob and Joe DeWitt and all their staff for making the night possible for our members to return to the Auto City Speedway after many years. Many thanks to Greg Yost for your great support of our club.

Helpers for the evening (pictured below in no particular order) were: Al & Kyle Peltier, Larry & Sue Iacoboni, Sue Ginter, Steve & Cory Russell, Cathie Rohloff, Bill Walters, Jim & Bob Buckley, Suzie Maxson and Special Thanks to Doug Long for running the show for me since I personally could not attend.

Cherry Speedway
Great weather with awesome racing on the dirt for our first trip to the Cherry Speedway. Bomber driver #18 Chris Knapp received the MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag for being the 6th place qualifier in the bomber division. Chris suffered a house fire the week before and lost everything and was grateful for the bag. Many thanks to Jim & Sandy Coil for becoming part of the MARFC membership family and inviting us to their fantastic racing facility and to Tom Maxwell and Alan Lardie for the great PR job during the event. Those who lent a helping hand were Kenny and Larry Letts and great to see others like Robert & Pat Wolfe.


Mid Michigan Speedway
Another outstanding dirt track just added to our membership. They had plenty of cars, fantastic racing and many loyal race fans. Mod 4 Driver Joe Eller was presented our MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag by board member Dave DeHem. Joe was selected because he hasn’t missed a week but has been in the wrong place on the track so many times that hard luck might be his nickname. Many thanks to Gene & Linda Hendrickson and their staff for joining our club and having our members into their track for the first time. We know it will be a great venue again next year. Volunteers in attendance were Dave, Julie, and Melissa DeHem, Doug Jakeway and Wayne Bitner.

Mt. Pleasant Speedway
Great weather once again and a large crowd on hand with over 100 cars in the pit area. Dave DeHem and myself were on hand and presented the MARFC/Uniform Helmet Bag to Mini Stock drvier # 91 Adam Thrush just 12 years old and currently leading the points in his division. Many thanks to Richard & Betty Crook for having us and to “Chief” for once again doing a fine job recruiting members. Thanks to Larry and Kenny Letts and Clyde & Hermina Wright and Bob & Pat Wolfe for stopping by.

July 2002 Minutes


This month is going to be a very busy one for us here at MARFC. I would like to take this opportunity to send a very special thanks to Roger Blackstock for once again giving MARFC national exposure by running our logo on his Hooters Cup Series Dodge this year. Currently Roger is running 11th in points. Even his souvenir T-shirts have our logo on it.

Thanks Roger for your continued support.

Remember to check out our remaining fan club days. We still have some great race tracks to visit yet this season. It’s still not too late to join our club just go to the membership link and print out the form and sent it in ASAP so you too can become apart of the best auto racing fan club across the state.

As always,

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC

June Meeting
WOW!!!  After all that rain would you believe we actually got to see some racin’?!?!June was a busy month for us, Fan Club Days at Owosso, Spartan, Butler and Crystal were fantastic.  Mother Nature seems to have calmed down a bit, lets see what the remainder of the season brings.
Crystal Speedway
Sunny weather was on hand and our members were treated with some great racing. The MARFC/Uniform & Helmet Bag was presented to Pro- stock driver Brad Buskirk(l) by Cory Russell(r) for having hard luck and totaling destroying his car the week before.
Owosso Speedway

A fabulous time was had by all in attendance with lots of racing with picture & autograph night. Our MARFC/Uniform & Helmet Bag was given to 30 year veteran Modified driver Dave Mulder who fought back from a critical injuries suffered in a crash at the Berlin Speedway years.Dave is now driving again and was inducted into the Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame on the same night.

Dave is an all around sportsman in and out of the car.

Spartan Speedway

Dave Dehem presented the MARFC/Uniform & Helmet Bag to Chris Place driver on the Late Model # 1.Chris was chosen for his outstanding sportsmanship with all other drivers.

Way to go Chris!

Butler Motor Speedway

Finally no rain and the day went off on schedule after two years of rescheduling. Great weather but a little hot.Great street stock racing. Sue Ginter and Laura Tucker presented the Uniform/Helmet bag to Bill May SS # 72 from Muskegon, MI. for being the 2-time winner of this event and eventually the 3rd time winner.

We helped celebrate Butler’s 50th Anniversary and signed up some new members.

Very Special Thanks to Stella Lindahl for helping with our Children’s Christmas Quilt Raffle.

June 2002 Minutes


Mother Nature has won most of the races run so far this season. Many race venues have been cut short or cancelled do to her wrath. I am sure that she will soon be defeated. With the shows being cancelled many of you the fans are just itching to see some great short track racing very soon myself included.

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. It is at this time of year where we needed to take a few minutes and remember all those who are not with us today. With all that has happened in the past few months it is important to remember those who have lost their lives defending our country, our beliefs and freedom. May we continue to compete in the sport that we all love so much because of those who fought for us to have the right to do so. We can take pride that as race fans we have shown our support with the flying of our flag and special paint schemes on many racecars across the nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are still fighting for that right and all their families here at home. May they all come home safe and soon.

Always Racing,

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC

May Meeting
Well what can be said?  With all the rain we have endured so far this season we were lucky to get at least one Fan Club Day in at Toledo Speedway.  Lets hope Mother Nature has some better weather in store for us soon. 
Dennis Whisman(l) pictured with Laura and Jimmy Tucker, was awarded the MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag. chosen for his efforts running two divisions, figure-8 and Sportsman. 

May 2002 Minutes


First off this month I would like to send our Get Well wishes out to a few special people.  Donna is the wife of Paul Zimmerman promoter of the Spartan Speedway. Donna had a stroke awhile back and Paul is very busy taking care of her at home as well as getting the Speedway ready for the 2002 season.  To long time member Bill Palmer AKA” Willie the Clown” who had a little heart trouble last month hope to see Bill back at the races again soon.  Also, to Jack Roush and Junie Donlavey speedy recoveries to them both.  We know that the Good Lord has been watching over all these fine folks and we send our best wishes to them all.

I’d also like to welcome three new Speedway’s to our membership for a total of thirteen now.  We Welcome the Auto City Speedway located in the Flint area, the Cherry Speedway up near Traverse City and the Mid-Michigan Raceway Park in Palo, MI.  Thank you all for becoming a part of our ever-growing club.  I encourage all of our members to stop in at these tracks as well as our other membership tracks and let them know that we as members are thankful for all their support.

Always Racing,

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC


April Meeting

What a meeting!!!!

The last meeting before the racing season began was awesome. all the speakers, whether able to be there in person, or via video tape, entertained the masses very well.

John Nece was unable to attend however our president was able to visit his owner’s race shop and video tape a tour and a sit down chat session with John, his car owner, Joe Tranchida, and Crew Chief, Chip Minich.

Above- from l to r- Joe Tranchida, John Nece, and Chip Minich of Cinjo Racing in Mt. Clemens, MI.

Below- One of the trucks John drives on the American Race Truck Series.  Cinjo Racing is also the stable for Trans Am driver Tommy Archer.

Dr. Bob DuCharme from Auto City Speedway updated happenings at Auto City along with some detailed history of his racing career, beginning with motorcycles all the way to being co-owner of Auto City.  One of the most interesting facts revealed was his close friendship with Bob, Kay, and Ron Keselowski.

The highlight of the evening had to be Jack Goodwin, by the time he was finished, I wondered if he wasn’t part clown.  He and his brother David, and former crew chief/car owner, Danny Mancini recapped some of their racing moments in a most entertaining fashion.

Jack Goodwin (l) tells the tale while Danny Macini(r) ads the color.