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Owosso Fan Club Night

The clouds cleared and the temperature warmed up for a nice night of racing at Owosso on May 20th. MARFC was welcomed by owner Rex Wheeler (right in the photo in the right middle) and his daughter for a nice visit before getting started. It’s always great to see Promoter Jeff Parish, pictured with Board Member David Howe. Jeff is a true friend of MARFC which is sincerely appreciated. Rex Wheeler shared his exciting development plans with MARFC for the next 3-5 years with the capacity eventually reaching an 18,000-spectator capacity. We can’t wait to see the exciting developments.


We were pleased to be able to present the MARFC Helmet bag to Dale Spencer. You know you made the right decision when the track officials give you the same person’s name before we share who we think deserves it. Dale is very active supporting others around the track in addition to his own racing. He heads up a winter mini-wedge series as well as the mini-wedge series at Owosso.