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Mother Nature Wins the Weekend over MARFC Events!

MARFC Lost again to as Mother Nature was not kind the day of our event at the Mt. Pleasant Speedway with temperatures up into the 90’s and forced the speedway to cancel the evenings racing events. Many racing facilities across the state had to make the same call so no one would be put in harm’s way with high heat & dehydration looming about. Sorry there is no time to get our event rescheduled for this season and Thanks Betty Crook and staff for all they do for our sport! And then on Saturday Thanks again to Mother Nature for helping us miss another great racing event at the Merritt Speedway. With the high temps and rain all around the speedway had no choice but to cancel for the evening. A Very Special Thanks to Mike and the staff for trying to make the racing work for the night. Hoping that next season we will get it in for sure. Sorry to say that there is no time to get our MARFC night rescheduled for later this season.