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2018 November General Meeting Report!

November General Meeting Report: Our meeting at the LaSenorita Mexican Restaurant in Lansing was a packed house. Our guest speakers for the night we just outstanding. First up was John Ward Jr. who was the 2018 Spartan Stock “A” Champion talked a little about his racing career and his championship. John will set aside his driving duties for the 2019 season and now manage the Bandolero series with his new In My Yard Youth Racing program and hopes to help improve the learning that these kid’s need and help with growing this division. We wish him the best! Next up was “Racin” Mason Surgener who gave a great detailed listing of what he has done to gain him a back to back championship in the Sr. Bandolero Division and what his plans are for the future. Up last was the Bandolero Jr. Bandit Champion “Hurricane” Caiden Bailey who did a fantastic job telling our members about his short couple of years racing and was excited about his 2018 championship. Once again, many thanks to all who came and enjoyed the evening with these youngsters who are our future. (Photo Top Left: John Ward Jr.) (Photo Top Right: Mason Surgener) ( Photo Middle: Caiden Bailey) ( Photo Bottom: MARFC Members in attendance)