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Mother Nature tried very hard to dampen our night at the Tri-City Motor Speedway. Yet with a very large car count and packed grand stands with season Championship being crowned made for a great night for our members as well as all the other fans who attended. Street Stock # 91 driver Gary Shank Jr. was chosen to receive our MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag for having some hard luck earlier in the season. MARFC members raffle was won by Bob Bergevin. Once again, a very large thank you to Steve & Erika and the speedway for rescheduling our event on such a fantastic night of racing for all. Table helpers for the evening were Doug Jakeway, Barry Meschke, John Jackson, Larry & Kenny Letts and myself. Can’t wait to return again in 2018! (Photo Top: Roger “Shut UP” Williams, John Jackson, Gary Shank Jr. and Doug Jakeway) (Photo Bottom: ( Doug Jakeway, Kenny Letts, John Jackson, Bob Bergevin and Barry Meschke)