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MARFC November Meeting & Kart Racing for 2015!

stevejrwebnewhousewebwhismanjrwebFull house of fans and racers for our meeting at JDKarting in Novi. Our guest speakers for the night were 2014 Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Champion Steve Cronenwett Jr. who told us about growing up as a third generation racer and everything he learned from his family to be able to win his championships also talked about taking on the role of advisor to our next speaker and 2015 Late laurawebprezracingwebModel Rookie Clarity Newhouse who also spoke of what it takes to be a woman driver with only a short time of racing under her belt and hopes to take it up to a higher level next season. She also talked about her traveling to schools this past fall and informing the kids about the science and technology it takes to go racing. We also had rookie F-8 driver Dennis Whisman Jr. on hand he told us how he was able to start racing in cage karts and then run in the F-8 division at Flat Rock and his Dad Dennis Whisman Sr. is his biggest fan and Dennis Jr. said of how many times he had beaten his Dad this past season and only being 14 years old. Then Laura Tucker was on hand to tell us about their Midwest Indoor Racing Series event in Battle Creek, Michigan during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. She talked about the time frame it takes to bring in the track and set it up and then take it down after as well as all the different divisions that they will have running that weekend. Then it came time to ride the karts and those who ran them had a great time and yours truly even put on my helmet and went for run. Slow Run but still a run! Many Thanks to Clarity Newhouse who donated and additional race session for those who wished to race twice that evening! Once again thanks to all of our guest speakers for making our meeting a great one.(Photo Top Left: Steve Cronenwett Jr. Top Center: Clarity Newhouse Top Right: Dennis Whisman Jr.) ( Bottom Left: Laura Tucker, Bottom Right: Race action) ( Photo’s by Rand Thompson)