Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

2015 Awards Banquet

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49th Annual Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club
Awards Banquet
Celebrating Achievements during the
2014 Racing Season

DeCarlo’s Banquet Center, Center Line, MI

January 17, 2015

President “Wild” Bill Barnhart
Vice President Dave DeHem
Secretary-Treasurer Susan Ginter
Advisor Vito LoPiccolo
P. R. Director Rand Thompson
Board of Directors
Barbara Gullett – Larry Iacoboni
Jeff Horan – Jack Lecot
Al Peltier – Fran Russo
Rand Thompson – Bill Walters
Master of Ceremonies
Trevor Hollis
Membership Chairperson Fran Russo
Raffle Tickets Jeff Horan
Al Peltier
Barb Gullett
Photographer Paul Anton
Raffle Prize Chairperson Larry Iacoboni
MARFC President’s Award Jeff Bloom
Eddie Sachs Memorial
Lifetime Achievement Award
Ken Squier
MARFC Special Achievement Award Walter Czarnecki
MARFC Electronic Media Award Steve Kaminski
“Grand Rapids Press and M-LIVE”
ARCA Racing Series by Menards Mason Mitchell
Auto City Street Stock Jim Miller Jr.
Auto City Speedway Figure “8” Chad Lamson
Crystal Motor Speedway Late Model Scott Baker
Crystal Motor Speedway Street Stock Kyle Prochazka
Crystal Motor Speedway Flinn Stock Nathan Sage
Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Steve Cronenwett Jr.
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock “A” Main Rob Moore
Flat Rock Speedway Figure “8” Jeremy Miller
G.L.S. Mini Cups Series & Young Guns Jarrod Pritchett
G. L. S. Mini Cups Rookie of the Year Bob Hile
I-96 Speedway UMP Modified Travis Stelmer
I-96 Speedway Street Stock Josh Frye
I-96 Speedway Sports Compacts Nick Jenema
I-96 Speedway UMP Pro Modified Chad Maurer
MCR Dwarf Car Series Stephen Bobek
MCR Dwarf Series Rookie of the Year Morgen Baird
Merritt Speedway UMP Late Model David Hilliker
Merritt Speedway UMP Modified Andrew Terrill
Merritt Speedway Pro Truck Mike Nelson Jr.
Merritt Speedway Factory Stock Rick Stewart
Merritt Speedway Four Cylinder Brendan Powell
Michigan Traditional Sprint Series
Rookie of the Year
Craig Karazim
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Late Model Kim Watz
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Modified Tony Campbell
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Street Stock Daune Spicer
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park Four Cylinder Melissa Sprague
Midwest Indoor Racing Series Purple Plate Victorya Tanner*
Mt. Pleasant Speedway UMP Modified Rich Robinson Jr.
Silver Bullet Speedway UMP Late Model Renton Hurley
Silver Bullet Speedway UMP Modified Chad Spencer
Silver Bullet Speedway Stock Car & Pure Stock T. J. Gilbert
Silver Bullet Speedway Jr. Stock Kendall Morrison
Spartan Speedway Modified Jon McNett
Spartan Speedway “A” Pony Stock Tyler Henney
Spartan Speedway “B” Pony Stock Wayne Parkhurst III
Spartan Speedway Spartan Stock “A” Joey Barnhart
Spartan Speedway Spartan Stock “B” James Gokee Jr.
Spartan Speedway Spartan Sprint Steve Irwin
Spartan Speedway Spartan Bandolero Mason Ludwig*
Spartan Speedway Spartan Extreme Destruction Kelly Hollister
Spartan Speedway Spartan Michigan Legends Series Matt Todd
Spartan Speedway Spartan
Michigan Legends Series Masters
Rick Kilbourn*
Springport Motor Speedway Outlaw Super Late Model Randy Day
Springport Motor Speedway Modified Mike Occhipinti
Springport Motor Speedway Stock Car “A” Division Joey Barnhart
Springport Motor Speedway Stock Car “B” Division Bryan Noble
Springport Motor Speedway Sport Stock Aaron Taylor
Toledo Speedway Sportsman Ron Allen
Toledo Speedway X-Car Division Dennis Whisman*
Toledo Speedway Figure “8” Jeremy Vanderhoof
Tri-City Motor Speedway Late Model Zack Olger
Tri-City Motor Speedway Street Stock Jared Rizer
Tri-City Motor Speedway Pro Stock Steve Hilliker*
Tri-City Motor Speedway Bomber Dustin Beauchamp
Winston Speedway Street Stock Josh Frye
Winston Speedway Factory Stock Dan Wilson Jr.
Winston Speedway Mini Stock Brian Carson
Winston Speedway Warriors Gary Larabee
Kart Series & Quarter Midget Champions
Arthur Raceway Gold Plate Zach LeHotan
Arthur Raceway Purple Animal Connor Stefanvosky
Arthur Raceway Purple Clone Autumn Archambeau
Arthur Raceway Cage Kart Ryan Kazmerski
Arthur Raceway Open Class Mike Barrios
Arthur Raceway Animal &
Gold Class Dirt Series
Raven Shelters
Arthur Raceway Clone &
Clone Dirt Series
Tom Hodges III
Arthur Raceway Novice Class &
Purple Novice Dirt Series
Tristan Sprague
Arthur Raceway Flat Head Dirt Series Tyler Davis
Arthur Raceway Animal Dirt Series Gary Kazmerski
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway Micro Class Ritchie Montgomery
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway Jr. Stock Class Logan Montgomery
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway Sportsman Class Brody Hose
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway Open Class Anthony Deming
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway Super Stock George Newman
MMRA Lt. 160, Sr. Animal & Lt. World Formula Conner Zbozien
Special Awards
MARFC Mechanic of the Year Dan Dow
Butch Dowker
MARFC Promoter of the Year
Sponsored by: Jim’s Industrial Catering Services
In Memory of Sonny Adams
Mike Mouch
I-96 Speedway
MARFC Fan of the Year
Sponsored by Jim’s Industrial Catering Service
In Memory of “Big Jim” Gullett & Betty Gullett
Bob Kaul
MARFC Appreciation Awards Sue Ginter
MSPA Promoter of the Year 2014 Steve Puvalowski
“Midwest Racing Scene” Drivers of the Year 2014 Dirt – Jacob Poel
Asphalt –  Steve Cronenwett Jr.
“Tom Carnegie” Announcer of the Year Award 2014
Presented by Terry Fitzwater
Jason Seltzer
Kalamazoo Speedway