Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

2013 Awards Banquet

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47th Annual Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club
Awards Banquet
Celebrating Achievements during the
2012 Racing Season

DeCarlo’s Banquet Center, Center Line, MI

January 19, 2013

President Dave DeHem
Vice President “Wild” Bill Barnhart
Secretary-Treasurer Susan Ginter
Advisor Vito LoPiccolo
P. R. Director Rand Thompson
Board of Directors
Larry Iacoboni Chuck Horan
Jeff Horan Cory Russell
Fran Russo Dennis Schalm
Dennis Trinklein Bill Walters
Master of Ceremonies
Alan Lardie
Membership Chairperson Fran Russo
Raffle Tickets Laura TuckerSue IacoboniCory Russell
Photographer Paul Anton
Raffle Prize Chairperson Larry Iacoboni
MARFC President’s Award Harley Boeve
Port City Race Cars
Eddie Sachs Memorial
Lifetime Achievement Award
Tom Bigelow
MARFC Motor Sports Writer of the Year Award ”Big Ed” Inloes*
ARCA Re/Max Series by Menards Chris Beuscher
Auto City Speedway AC Super Stock Robbie Johnson
Auto City Speedway Figure “8” Chad Lamson
Bishop Performance Legends Club Series Rick Kilbourn*
Bishop Performance Legends Club Rookie of the Year Bobby Muraney
Cherry Raceway  Late Model Co Champion Brandon Thirlby
Cherry Raceway  Compact Chris Casey
Crystal Motor Speedway Late Model Matt Pickard
Crystal Motor Speedway IMCA Modified Chad Wernette
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Truck Ashlee Scott
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Stock Chaney Newland
Crystal Motor Speedway Street Stock Doug Helsel
Crystal Motor Speedway Flinn Stock Chancey Baxter
Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Paul Pelletier
Flat Rock Speedway Enduro Matt Ringger
G. L. S. Mini Cups Morgen Baird
I-96 Speedway UMP Late Model Brandon Thirlby
I-96 Speedway UMP Modified Zach Olger
Kalamazoo Speedway Mini Stock Frank Stager
MCR Dwarf Car Series Rob Roney*
MCR Dwarf Series Rookie of the Year Shonda Harbin
Merritt Raceway UMP Modified David Mielke
Merritt Raceway UMP Pro Truck Mike Nelson Jr
Merritt Raceway Ump Sportsman T. J. Erickson
Merritt Raceway UMP Factory Stock Caleb Kill
Michigan Legends Series & Pro Series John Turnbull Jr.
Michigan Legends Young Lion Series Guy Fire
Michigan Traditional Sprint Series Joe Irwin*
Mt. Pleasant Speedway UMP Late Model Mark Andersen
Mt. Pleasant Speedway UMP Modified David Mielke
Owosso Speedway Pro Late Model Jason Felver
Owosso Speedway Modified Nick Clemens
Owosso Speedway Pure Stock Bob Elliot
Owosso Speedway Sport Stock Aaron Taylor
Owosso Speedway Powder Puff Molly Gokee
Spartan Speedway Sprint Trevor Berry
Spartan Speedway Modified Larry Wallace
Spartan Speedway “B” Pony Stock D. J. Marciniak
Spartan Speedway Spartan Stock “A” Damon Place
Springport Motor Speedway Late Model Dominique VanWieringen
Springport Motor Speedway Modified Earl Miles
Springport Motor Speedway ABC “A” Series Damon Place
Springport Motor Speedway ABC “B” Series Craig Stephens
Springport Motor Speedway ABC “C” Series Sabrina Booth
Springport Motor Speedway Sport Stock Glenda Metz*
Toledo Speedway Sportsman Ron Allen*
Toledo Speedway Figure “8” Dennis Whisman*
Tri-City Motor Speedway IMCA Modified Don Hintz
Tri-City Motor Speedway IMCA Late Model Roger Wing
Tri-City Motor Speedway IMCA Street Stock Darren Mularz
Tri-City Motor Speedway Rocket Tyler Morell
Whittemore Speedway Limited Late Model Tony Rosebrugh
Whittemore Speedway Street Stock Derek Moe
Whittemore Speedway Four Cylinder Taylor Babcock
Winston Speedway Late Model Derek Moe
Winston Speedway Modified Andy Sprague
Winston Speedway Factory Stock Josh Sternberg
Winston Speedway Street Stock Dan Dykman
Winston Speedway Mini Stock Dave Avnik
Winston Speedway Warrior Brandon Taipalus
Quarter Midget & Kart Series Champions
MMRA Senior Honda Doug Dible
Arthur Raceway Purple Plate Alcohol Steven Jacot*
Arthur Raceway Purple Plate Novice A.V.O Sammy Crawford
Arthur Raceway Purple Plate Expert A.V.O Steven Jacot*
Arthur Raceway Gold Plate Raven Shelters
Arthur Raceway Animal Alcohol Matthew Jacot*
Arthur Raceway Open Competition Derek Hurley
Arthur Raceway  Open Competition A.V.O Scott Packard
Houghton Lake Super Dirt Series Purple Plate Alcohol Arthur Wells
Houghton Lake Super Dirt Series Gold Place Alcohol Cheyanne Emery
Houghton Lake Super Dirt Series Sportsman Devon Rosebrugh
Houghton Lake Super Dirt Series Open Cameron Farley
Special Awards
Co-MARFC Mechanics of the Year Richie Lee
Jeff Erickson
MARFC Promoter of the Year
Sponsored by: Jim’s Industrial Catering Services
In Memory of Sonny Adams
Betty Crook
Mt. Pleasant Speedway
MARFC Fan of the Year
Sponsored by Jim’s Industrial Catering Service
In Memory of “Big Jim” Gullett
Bob Ryder
Appreciation Awards Jim Lamb
Lenny Trinklein
John Turnbull Sr.
Tim Phillips/GLS Mini-Cups
Jim Hanks/Must See Racing
MSPA Promoter of the Year 2011 Tom Sprague Sr.
Winston Speedway
Tom Carnegie Announcer of the Year
Award 2012 Presented by Terry Fitzwater
Brain Liskai
Attica Raceway & Fremont Speedway