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Racing World Loses Chris Economacki

What a tough week in Motor Sports. First we lose Jack Doering, then Bob Newton, founder of Hoosier Tire joins him and now it appears that they need somebody to write a story for them and they have called Chis Economacki to be with them. It is with sad news that I share with you the passing of the “Dean of Motor Sports” Mr. Chris Economacki. Economacki was the recipient of the 2007 Eddie Sachs Jr. Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award at our banquet on January 21, 2007. Chris stayed in touch with MARFC for many years and to this day continues to receive our monthly newsletter and from time to time, if there was a mistake in the newsletter, He would make a phone call to let us know. To me thats a great honor to know that a person of his magnitude and experience in racing took an interest in what the race fans in Michigan were doing. Personally, knowing that Chris was reading our newsletter made me pay attention a bit more and to that I say Thank You.
God Speed Chris Economacki
Yours in Racing,
Dave DeHem
MARFC President