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Onaway Speedway hosts MARFC Fan Club Day for 2012!

August 11, 2012 For the second year now, Jim and Krista DuBois have invited the club up to their track in Onaway, the Onaway Speedway for some great racing action at this spectacular facility located in the heart of “God’s Country” in northern Michigan. Board Member Denny Trinklien manned the MARFC Member table with help from 2011 “Co-Fan of The Year” Barry Meschke who incidentally got to give the command to start engines as well. Track P.A Announcer  “Oval Revvin” gave some great plugs and information on the club all night and was another  great help on this night when many Michigan Speedways were inundated with rain water.  The MARFC Helmet bag was presented to Current point leader in the sport mod class, the driver of the #89, Chantelle Paquette who also was wheeling the #88 pure stock in competition to boot. Longtime track supporter and good friend to MARFC, Eldon McMillan was the winner of the member raffle prize. Eldon has been a longtime attendee and supporter of the Onaway Speedway so it was great to see him win the member raffle. Many thanks to Jim and Krista as well as our table helpers for another great event.

(Top:Denny Trinklien, Oval Revvin, Chantelle Paquette Bottom: Denny and Eldon McMillan)