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Thoughts from the President for July 2012!

It is has been a warm one lately but there has also been a lot of rain hampering all of our speedways from getting in some racing. Great during the week but nasty on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully this cycle will change and we can settle in to the regular rhythm of visiting our tracks every weekend. We have a fantastic line-up for July and August so be sure to get out to some of these fan club days and enjoy the benefits of your membership.

This month we will be making our first trip ever to The Waterford Hills Road Racing Track in Waterford Hills. This is truly a great big step forward as they are the first road racers to come on board with our predominantly oval track crowd. This will be a day to just come out to the track and enjoy the races. This is also a very special weekend at Waterford and their biggest weekend of the season. It is Vintage weekend and as such will feature many divisions of vintage racers taking part in the events on the 12 turn, 1.5 mile circuit that features various elevation changes and phenomenal scenery. We won’t have a membership table that day so it is suggested that you bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on, maybe a picnic lunch and appropriate outdoor wear as they race rain or shine.  Qualifying and racing start at 10 AM and the day is done by 6 PM. There are grandstands available as well as some concessions. My suggestion is that between now and the weekend of the race that you check out the Waterford website at for any questions you might have.

Yours in Racing, Dave DeHem MARFC President