Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

From the President for May 2012!

It is finally here, RACING SEASON is upon us and none too soon. We saw many of our tracks opened up in mid to late April and now that it is May the season is in full swing. The paint has been smudged a bit, the bumpers have been pushed a bit and the lettering has had to be touched up already but that is just part of short track racing in the great state of Michigan. As this is sent out we have had one fan club day already 3 on tap this month and 6 more set to go in June. We have a busy season again this year and I hope you are able to take advantage of it all. As I said in my thoughts last month I would share a few more tid-bits with you and here goes nothing. Whittemore has done some great things with youth pit pass pricing as has the Spartan Speedway all in an effort to keep the families together down in the pits and near the race car. Winston Speedway over on Michigan’s West Coast has some great specials lined up again with appearances by the Michigan Dirt Cup, Michigan Traditional Sprints, and the World of Outlaw Late Models. Cherry Raceway has come back on board as a MARFC Member and will be hosting the SOD Sprints as well as the Michigan Traditional Sprints along with the Michigan Dirt Cup. Owosso Speedway is geared up and ready to go for 2012 with their regular weekly divisions along with visits by the Legends Cars, Jegs/CRA, Dwarfs, and some very special invites and theme nights. Kalamazoo will play host to the Auto Value Super Sprints, Extreme Sprints, The annual “Klash” in August as well as the season ending Super Shoe Nationals. Ron Flinn once again will be dressed for the occasion at all times as the Crystal Motor Speedway will play host to the SOD Sprints, MTS Sprints, Michigan Dirt Cup, MORA Mini-Outlaws and the ever popular Great Lakes Nationals.

MARFC Members, there is a ton of racing going on all over at all of our tracks here in Michigan this year. Be sure to check on all of the tracks schedules on their websites so you can plan your travels for the year. You’ll have to make some choices as some shows run the same time as others so you have to pick which one suits you the best. I plan on getting around a bit this year but I have to say that gas prices may influence what shows I see and which shows I will have to pass on, but I’ll guarantee you one thing, I will be getting to the races this year and I hope you get out a bunch and support our tracks and take advantage of the benefits of being a MARFC Member. Be sure to support those who support us by buying a hot dog or a soda when you visit in MARFC Nights. Until next month, when I’ll have more tid-bits, “We’ll see you at the Races”.
Dave DeHem MARFC President