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MARFC Visit Springport Motor Speedway for 2011!

springportweb1June 25, 2011 MARFC loaded up and headed to the Springport Motor Speedway. Racing was fantastic and weather was great. MARFC Uniform and Helmet Bag was presented to ABC Stock A Divison driver # 02 Martin French for the support of the speedway. Our MARFC membership raffle was won by Jason Snelenberger. Our Thanks to all the staff for another great time at their facility.


(Top Left: Chuck Horan, Martin French, & Jeff Horan)

(Bottom Left: Jeff Horan, Dennis Trinklein, Jason Snelenberger and Chuck Horan)














Toldeo Speedway hosts MARFC Fan Club Day Event!


On June 24, 2011 we were at the Toldeo Speedway for our annual Fan Club Day event. One of your newest and youngest board members Jeff Horan along with his Dad and board member Chuck were on hand to present Sportsman driver # 22 Ken McKay Jr. for his support of his division at the speedway.Iris Anton won the MARFC members raffle. Many thanks to Ron Drager, Roy Mott and Scott Schultz and the entire speedway staff for and outstanding time.

(Photo’s Provided by Paul Anton)

(Top Left: Iris Anton)

(Bottom Left:Jeff Horan, Ken McKay Jr. & Chuck Horan) 








July thoughts from the President!

Well, here we are heading into the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. However, somebody forgot to turn up the thermostat because as this is written near the end of June, it isn’t very warm out and the weather has really put a hurt on our race tracks. Don’t forget the picnic coming up on the 10th and be sure to take a look at our upcoming fan club days to see where you will be heading this month. We will be sending out the raffle tickets next month so be thinking about who you might want to sell a few too and hopefully they can win as well. It is especially important to the financial health of our club that we sell as many tickets as we can this year as this is our only fundraiser that we hold and this helps out with things like the picnic and especially our gala Awards Banquet in January. I want to say Happy Birthday America as we are so fortunate to live in a country where we are free to enjoy our great sport and all the other freedoms this great flag brings. I also want to send condolences to Jerry and Bonnie Stewart on the sudden and unexpected loss of their son Tim Stewart at the age of 43. Jerry is the chaplain down at the Flat Rock and Toledo Speedways as well as being long time MARFC Members. Our prayers are with the entire Stewart family during this time of loss. Until next month, have a great 4th and “We’ll See You at the Races”. I have been able to get to all four of our Fan Club Days thus far and it has been fun getting to see many of you. Our attendance has been exceptional so far this year and I just want to say “Thank You” to all of our member tracks for being a part of our great organization.

Yours in Racing

Dave DeHem

MARFC President

MARFC at Crystal Motor Speedway!




June 11th  took the club to the exciting action at the Crystal Motor speedway where the MARFC Helmet Bag went to the driver of the #44 Pro Stock ride, Blake Hollenbeck. Blake has been a  constant supporter of the track and many of the racers at Crystal. Don Riethmeier was the winner of the MARFC Drawing prize while Doug Jakeaway, Dennis Trinklien, Barry Meschke, Dennis Schalm, and Yours Truly worked the MARFC Table.

(Left:Blake Hollenbeck, Ron Flinn, Barry Meschke & Dennis Trinklein)