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April Update!

It is almost time to go racing again. The cars are being finished up and the paint is drying. The wraps are wrapping and the lettering is getting done. If your name is highlighted in GREEN on your regular monthly mailed newsletter means that this is your last newsletter as you have not renewed for 2011 and we will be taking you off of our mailing list and you will miss out on the great racing action provided to us by our member tracks on the 21 different fan club days. Once again, we are asking those who have an e-mail address to contact us and let us know if you would like to be put on the e-mail list only. If you can send me a quick note by e-mail at so I will be sure and have your e-mail address and name just in case it has changed. While you are at it please include “Wild Bill” at as well. As always any questions or comments contact me by e-mail.

Yours in Racing!

Dave Dehem

President MARFC