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October Monthly Meeting!

Our first monthly meeting of the winter season was held on October 23rd at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center in Warren, Michigan. Club President, Dave DeHem gave a rundown of the past summer’s events and an update on what is coming up over the winter and into the spring. Our first speaker was Bill Martens, Senior Program Manager of GM Performance Parts. One of Bill’s major responsibilities is the “GM Crate Engine” program that is so prevalent in many of our short track race cars these days. Bill gave a very thorough update on what General Motors is doing with the program and gave many examples of how these sealed crate engines are being used in not only Late Model racing but in many types of open wheel modifieds. Bill spoke about the origins of the program and relayed to us, the racing community how committed GM is to the “Grass Roots” of racing, the short tracks of the country. The winners of our annual raffle were drawn from the barrel and this year’s top prize winner of $300 was Sandra Bell, James Warren took second prize of $150, while Jeffery Horan took home the $100 third prize. Larry Spodeck was the 50/50 winner and Fran Russo was the door prize winner of two tickets to a professional boxing show at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center. Many thanks to the staff and owners of DeCarlo’s Banquet Center and for the boxing tickets!

Our November meeting will be on Saturday afternoon, November 13th at Foty’s Café in the Birch Run Outlet Mall in Birch Run. The meeting gets the green flag at 2:00 PM and there will be food available for purchase along with soft drinks. Jim Pape will be speaking on the many opportunities for the Go-Kart Racers in the state and will also have a couple of our young racers to talk about their careers thus far and where they hope to go in the future. Foty’s Café is located off of exit 136 from I-75 in the Birch run Outlet Mall at 12200 S. Beyer Rd., Birch Run, Mi. 48415. 989-624-1100