Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

From the President – April 2010

I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed the Daytona 500 even with the problems with the race track and the 2 red flags, I enjoyed the nap I got and the end of the race had me on the edge of my seat. Glad to see Jamie Mac grab the win but I was pulling for Harvick. Not just because I like him but I drew him in the pool and I stood to make $150.00 if he won. Oh well, it was a great ending I thought and had me up in my seat and screaming like I haven’t done for many years. My wife, Julie and I attended the MSTRC Bowling tournament held back in February at the Capital bowl in Owosso and we had a great time. It was good to see funds raised for this year’s two benefactors, Jeremy Dickman and Alan Taft and we had a great time visiting with many of our members and a bunch of my racing friends in the middle of the winter. I can’t wait for the green flag to start the 2010 racing season as I know that this month we will begin to hear the engines roar and get that first whiff of racing fuel as well as the smell of burning rubber. Whether or not our first time to the track is for practice or to see opening day somewhere I wish all of you a great time and safe travels this year. If you are like me I am sure you are ready to see some real live racing at any one of our great Michigan Short Tracks or anywhere in the Tri-State and Canada area for that matter. Winter is hereby gone, done, and over with so let’s get ourselves to the races. The club has 18 different racing events on tap this year as of this writing so be sure and take a look at the upcoming events page for the complete schedule. Before the season gets going I want to express my appreciation and a hearty Thank You to all of our member tracks for what they do for us by hosting these days so that we can be the best fan club in the country. Please be sure and thank them as well and support them whenever you can in addition to their hosted fan club day.

The 2010 National Association of Auto Racing Fan Club’s 58TH Annual Convention will be held on Saturday May 29, 2010 at 8:00 am! Location of this event will be at the Clarion Waterfront Plaza Hotel located at 2930 Waterfront Parkway, Indianapolis, Indiana. Tickets for this event are $ 16.00 per person in advance. We are once again planning a patron page in the annual program and would like to beat the Hoosier Auto Racing Fan Club again for the sixth year in a row. The cost of your name on the patron page will be $ 2.00 for each name. You will get the chance to meet members of other fan clubs from across the country and also get a chance to go over to the speedway and meet some of the drivers. All of this for just $16.00 what a deal! Please e-mail me at by May 2, 2010 to purchase tickets to the event or to be included on the patron’s page.