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2010 Awards Banquet

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44th Annual Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club
Awards Banquet
Celebrating Achievements during the
2009 Racing SeasonDeCarlo’s Banquet Center, Center Line, MIJanuary 16, 2010
President Dave DeHem
Vice President “Wild”Bill Barnhart
Secretary-Treasurer Susan Ginter
Advisor Vito LoPiccolo
Board of Directors
Larry Iacoboni     Jeff Moroni
Al Peltier     Cathie Rohloff
Cory Russell     Fran Russo
Laura Tucker     Bill Walters
Master of Ceremonies
Leo “Chief” Pago
Ticket & Membership Chairperson Fran Russo
Raffle Tickets Laura Tucker
Sue Iacoboni
Cathie Rohloff
Cory Russell
Photographer Paul Anton
Webmaster Rob Michon
Raffle Prize Chairperson Larry Iacoboni
MARFC President’s Award Konnie Kalitta
Edie Sachs Memorial
Lifetime Achievement Award
Mike Eddy
MARFC Electronic Media Award George Keen
“The Racing Show”
ARCA Re/Max Series Justin Lofton
ARCA Four Cylinder Series Brad Turner
Auto City Speedway AC Super Stock Dennis Rederstorf
Auto City Speedway Modified Travis Eddy
Auto City Speedway Pure Stock & Figure “8” Chad Lamson
Auto City Speedway Street Stock Adam Rowe
Auto City Speedway Hornet Jake Thompson
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Truck Chris Verhaar
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Stock Chaney Newland
Crystal Motor Speedway Street Stock Larry Kosloski
Crystal Motor Speedway IMCA Modified Brennan Bowen
Crystal Motor Speedway Late Model Jay VanDyke
Dixie Motor Speedway Pro Late Model Ed Doutre Jr.
Dixie Motor Speedway Modified Nick Clemons
Dixie Motor Speedway Sportsman Don Riley*
Dixie Motor Speedway Street Stock Ed Newman Jr.
Dixie Motor Speedway Bomber Jeff Roethlisberger Jr.
Dixie Motor Speedway Figure “8” Andrew Burton
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock B Main Anthony Camilli
Flat Rock Speedway Figure “8” Co-Champ Dennis Whisman*
Flat Rock Speedway Figure “8”  Co-Champ Billy Early
I-96 Speedway UMP Modified Todd Feutz
I-96 Speedway Street Stock Aaron Wolf
I-96 Speedway Road Beater John Primm*
Kalamazoo Speedway Modified Brent Hook
Kalamazoo Speedway Late Model Terry Senneker
Kalamazoo Speedway Cyber Stock Keith Dunham
Kinross Speedpark Late Model Josh Ware
Kinross Speedpark Pure Stock John Clawson
Merritt Speedway Sportsman Dan Hersey
Michigan Legends Series & Semi Pro Series Brandon Mahoney*
Michigan Legends Golden Masters Series Gary Joppich
Michigan Legends Masters Division Tom Lovern
Michigan Legends Young Lions Division Cody Mahoney*
Michigan Legends Rookie of the Year Keera Allen*
Michigan Traditional Sprint Series Steve Irwin
Mt. Pleasant Speedway Modified Rich Robinson Jr.
Owosso Speedway Pro Late Models Ed Young Jr
Owosso Speedway Pro Stock Tony Basalone
Owosso Speedway Pure Stock Jimmy Stratton
Owosso Speedway Short Stock Shaun Conner
Short Track Challenge Series Rob Roney
S. O. D. Sprint Series Brett Mann
Spartan Speedway Late Model Jimmy Gallagher
Spartan Speedway Pony Stock Wayne Beckner Jr.
Super Pro Series Tom Smith
Toledo Speedway Figure “8” Robbie Loving*
Winston Speedway UMP Late Model Rich Neiser
Winston Speedway UMP Modified John McCaul
Quarter Midget & Kart Series Champions
MMRA Champions
Heavy Honda Champion Jeremy Culver
Heavy 160 Champion Cole Landau
Super Dirt Kart Series Champions
Super Dirt Kart Series Modified Ed Demmings
Super Dirt Kart Series Purple Briggs Kaitlin Randall*
Super Dirt Kart Series Purple Animal Class Anthony Demmings
Super Dirt Kart Series Open Nicole Korbinski
Super Dirt Kart Series Gold Nate Randall*
Super Dirt Kart Series Pro Stock Matt Randall*
Houghton Lake Kart Speedway
Pro Stock Kart Champion Matt Randall*
Open Champion Nicole Korbinski
Micro Champion Emily Lezotte
Purple Plate Champion Teddy Lezotte
Gold Plate Champion Nate Randall*
Mio Kart Speedway Karts
Pro Stock Kart Jason Snelenberger
Open Champion “Fast” Ed Moore
Purple Plate Maggie Demming
Gold Plate Taylor Babcock
Special Awards
MARFC Promoter of the Year
Presented by Jim’s Industrial Catering
In Memory of “Sonny Adams”
Michigan Traditional Sprints
MARFC Mechanic of the Year
Sponsored by Fast Company Motorsports
In Memory of “Big Mike” Willhite
Robbie Martel
MARFC Fan of the Year
Sponsored by Jim’s Industrial Catering
Randy and Cindy Kinne
Appreciation Awards Chuck Darling
Pat Moran
“Wild” Bill Barnhart
MSPA Promoter of the Year 2009 Joe DeWitt
Auto City Speedway
Tom Carnegie Announcer of the Year
Presented by Terry Fitzwater
Roger “Shut Up” Williams