Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

March 2009 Minutes

From the President

Only about 6 weeks or so before the 2009 racing season gets underway. I’d like to say welcome back to both the Owosso Speedway and the Dixie Motor Speedway. It will be great to have them back on our fan club day events schedule for 2009. Thanks to all the membership tracks and promoters for working with us on getting our schedule out and finalized so quickly this season. Let’s all hope and pray for a safe and rain free racing season.

As Always Keep Racing!

Bill Barnhart – President MARFC


February Meeting

Once again Mother Nature tried to stop us from another MARFC event but, we prevailed anyway.  Wish to thank Bob Capps and the staff at Kart 2 Kart for once again having us back at their indoor racing facility. So if you get the chance this season to give them a try it will be well worth the trip. Bob also spoke of both his racing publications that he writes for Vintage Oval Racing and encourages us to check them out. Great to see Larry Henry at the meeting! As many know Larry is the voice at the Michigan International Speedway each season.


Then our next guest’s speakers were Pam & Jeff Parish who are now the owners and promoters of both the Owosso & Dixie Motor Speedways. Pam first spoke of who she and Jeff meet and a few other stories about their relationship and Jeff informed us about how he got stated into racing and how both he and Pam took on a big venue in turning the Whittemore Speedway around and kept it from closing. Now they went to Owosso and made great strides in turning it around and making a great effort to get the racers and fans to return and it seems to have worked and now their biggest challenge is to run two speedways with the new venue of adding the Dixie Motor Speedway to their promotions style. They both are great folks and we encourage all to stop in and check out both these racing facilities in 2009 and beyond.

Last on our list of speakers was Patrick McNamara who gave us a little bit of his racing back ground with driving and owning 4 cylinder racers and involving them into a type of fund raising race theme event at different tracks. Patrick is now into a new venue as owner and publisher of both the MARC TIMES RACING NEWS and THE MICHIGAN RACING SCENE. He has big plans for both papers and they will be published as one with about 40 to 48 full color pages in each weekly paper. We wish him the best in this venture and for more information about a subscription you can contact him at: 734-536-0319 or e-mail him at The web site for both papers is: