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Flat Rock Speedway Fan Club Day – May 7, 2005

Flat Rock Speedway Fan Club Day

Our fan club day event at the Flat Rock Speedway was outstanding. As a big surprise was planned and executed on our Vice-President Larry Iacoboni. Larry’s wife Sue booked him a ride in the 4 cylinder rent a ride for his first ever-racing endeavor. Larry was totally surprised and had a great time. Special thanks to Scott Schultz and all the staff at the Speedway for having us and to Mother Nature who made it a great day with just low temperatures and no

r_ _n! (Bad four letter word!).


Our MARFC Uniform/Helmet bag was presented to Street Stock #3 driver “The Preacher” Danny Slater for all the great sportsmanship he passes along to all he talks too. Thanks to all who lent a hand at our MARFC table for the night.