Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

March 2005 Minutes

Reminders to all racers and race fans alike. SAFETY is always at the forefront of racing. Racers must always keep up to date belts, helmets, and fire bottles on hand. As race fans we must remember to stay clear of the catch fences and drive safely to and from the speedways.

Returned from Daytona last month and now I am ready for some great Michigan Short Track Racing. I know that next month a lot of our tracks will be opening and I just can’t wait. I believe that this year will be a great year for all the tracks & fans alike. Good luck to all the racers across the state.

We here at MARFC hope to have one of the safest racing season ever.

As always, keep racing!!

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC


February Meeting

We had 3 speakers.  Scott Schultz brought us up to date on Flat Rock.  Fans will see many improvements.

Rob Michon spoke about our web site.  It is getting bigger and better all the time.  We are always looking for more drivers to get involved.

Ron Drager talked about Flat Rock and ARCA.  He spoke about what race day is like for him at the track.  He used Daytona as an example of what can go wrong did go wrong. Hearing about the behind the scenes issues of dealing with the track, sponsors, TV, and drivers, made the day more exciting than just the race itself.