Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

March 2004 Minutes

This month I’d like to start off with a get well wish for two of our long time members Barbara LoPiccolo who has been in and out of the hospital since before Christmas and hope she is doing better now at home. Also the promoter of the Mt. Pleasant Speedway Dick Crook is once again dealing with a recurring illness and sincerely hope that it will soon be in remission once again. We send our thoughts and prayers to both of these members and to their families as well. GET WELL SOON!!

Just one week after our Annual Banquet back in January Buck Harsen one of the Auto City Speedway Champions lost their home and all belongings in a terrible house fire. Not only did the family loose their home but Buck also lost his entire race car business garage with all his cars and equipment as well. No one was home at the time, which was a good thing. It’s just a terrible blow to such a great racer and his family.

If you have renewed your 2004 membership you will find your membership cards in this newsletter. If you have not renewed for 2004 please do so now. So don’t wait send in your renewal today. Fan club days will soon be here and you don’t want to be without your membership card and miss any of these great events. Membership renewal time is here please send yours in and don’t miss any of our club’s upcoming information for this years fan club day events.  Contact me at

As always keep racing!!

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC


What a great time we had at the Toledo Speedway Bar & Grill for our general meeting for February. We had lots of folks on hand and great food to boot. First guest speaker for the night was Larry Henry sports caster for WHYT 1270 AM radio. Larry has been broadcasting sports for many years but auto racing is his specialty and what he loves to do the most. He told us of his time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as part of the broadcast team and let us know that he thinks that local racing is the best. His show airs on Sunday nights at 7:00pm to 9:00pm and is a great show all about auto racing nationally and locally. So tune in a give a listen.


Scott Schultz was up next and informed us of some of the changes for the 2004 season at both Toledo and Flat Rock. They are adding more races for their new 4-cylinder division at both tracks and will run an over all points’ championship for both tracks as well. Toledo will once again return to Friday night racing in 2004 with a few Sunday specials. Not much change at Flat Rock except a larger field of cars is expected this year.

Ron Drager said a few words about how important it was to have a great partner like Roy Mott. Ron said without Roy Toledo Speedway would not be like it stands today. Ron also thanked everyone who works so hard at both tracks to keep thing running.

The "Gray Dog" himself Gary Lindahl was in attendance and talked about the up coming OLDTIMER’S CLUB that is starting up later this month. There will be and Old-timer’s Reunion night at both Flat Rock and Toledo during the 2004 season. They will have regular meetings with the first being on March 20, 2004 at noon to 6:00pm at the Toledo Speedway Bar & Grille. Many legends of racing will be on hand and many photos from back then and now. Many thanks to Ron, Roy, Scott and the staff at the Speedway Bar & Grille for a great evening. Thanks to Larry Henry for taking the time to be with us. Larry Iacoboni won our 50/50 raffle and thank you to Larry & Ann Kast for the extra giveaway items for the meeting. Special thanks to all who helped out at the meeting.