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March 2003 Minutes

MARFC like NASCAR has problem with the weather. Mother Nature wins first round on general membership meetings in 2003. Waited to the last minute to see what she had in store for us and then headed down to Toledo and just got about half way there and had to turn around and come home. We thank the Toledo Speedway and ARCA for the opportunity to have a meeting at their facility and are truly sorry it didn’t work out.

Keep checking back for updates on this years 2003 Fan Club Days. We will have a complete list very soon. A tentative list will be posted in upcoming events page.

Motor City Motorsports, along with its host Vito LoPiccolo, will celebrate 25 years with the start of the 2003 season on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 at 7:00pm on WLQV 1500 AM. We here at MARFC Congratulate Vito on 25 years of great race coverage here in the Michigan area.

Bill Barnhart

President MARFC


Since our February meeting was snowed out,  Yes!!! even mother nature has her way with indoor events sometimes.  We thought we would take the time to note the presence of our founders at our 2003 Awards Banquet, and show some photos from MARFC’s past.

It was great to see the founding fathers on hand at our banquet this year. Vito LoPiccolo (bottom left), Bob Lewis (bottom right), and Willis & Marion Flokstra (top left & right) were in attendance. These folks were the ones who started our club over 37 years ago. It was great to have all of them with us that night.

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