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December 2002 Minutes

December 2002

This is the time of year where we need to take time to reflect and remember those who we have lost this past season. At this time we know that they are all in God’s care and we need to remember that. I wish to say from all of the Officers and Board of Directors of MARFC Happy Holiday’s to all of you and may you have a Joyous and safe New Year.

On a Sad Note! We send our deepest sympathies to the family of long time member Lee Poczik who passed away last month. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

As Always

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

November Events
Monthly Meeting
First up was Bill Janitz PR Director from the Michigan International Speedway. Bill gave a great presentation of what the fans can expect for the 2003 season. The IRL combo weekend will be a fantastic deal for only $ 50.00 the whole weekend. MIS has already locked down our fan club day for 2003 on August 15th.
Bill Janitz-Pr Director, Michigan International Speedway
Up next we had Bob Capps subbing for Tony Eckrich who hand to be at another venue and he explained about the new racing course at KART2KART and informed us about the Racing for Kids fundraiser on tap for later in November.
Ron Watson from the Motorsports Hall of Fame in Novi was on hand and talked about their annual inductee’s banquet and the hall of fame itself. He also mentioned that all employees that work at the museum are all volunteers and they all attended the banquet for their time they have donated. He also talked about the museum moving in the coming year when they find a location they can use.
Ron Watson-Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum
Eric Lee was our next guest and he told us of how he got started racing first in go-karts and then enduro cars. Then he moved up to limited late models at Owosso Speedway and now he is running late models at the Flat Rock Speedway and this year he won Rookie of the Year and finished 3rd in the points. Eric along with crew chief/car owner his father Steve Lee will be back in late models at both Flat Rock & Toledo in 2003. Eric mentioned that he was a 3rd generation driver from the Lee’s as Steve’s Dad was also a driver.
Eric Lee-Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Rookie of the Year


Steve Cronenwett-Late Model Driver

 Randy Cronenwett-Figure 8 Driver

Talya Cronenwett(Knight), Randy Jr., Steve Jr., and Greg

Last but not least, we had the Cronenwett family with us. First the father’s both Steve & Randy told us about their past season. Steve said he’d like to forget most of this season due to some bad crashes, but hopes to do better in 2003. Then Randy informed us that he is retiring for the Figure”8″ division and will give a late model a try part time in 2003. Steve also told us that the Cronenwett family is also a 3rd generation of racers. Then came the kids, first was Tayla Cronenwett-Knight who just got back form her honeymoon. She married street stock champion Ken Knight.  As you might recall, Ken asked Tayla to marry her at our banquet back in January. Tayla drove in the factory stock division at Toledo and ran some enduros at Flat Rock.  Randy Jr. also raced both at Toledo and Flat Rock and won a few races this past season and hopes to be able to move up to the street stocks next year. Steve Jr. raced in the same divisions as his sister and cousin. He too won a few races and hopes to move up soon. Greg was last and the youngest and he just this year was able to get into the pit area to help his dad work on the racecar. He also raced go-karts and won many times this season and if he keeps up his grades and saves some money will also join the others. The kid’ s all said that they were thankful to their parents and families to give them a place to grow up and a goal to keep them off the streets and away form drugs and alcohol. I thought that was pretty special in my book.
And Finally,  we topped the meeting off with some pretty serious Go-Kart racing.  Unfortunately, Kart-2-Kart officials thought we were having too much fun and black flagged a few of our more “aggressive” drivers.

These race fans mean business