Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

March 2002 Minutes

FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENTI invite you to join our club if you are a auto racing fan. Our club in in it’s 37th year and we have monthly meetings through out the winter months and fan club days at our membership track during the racing season. A membership is only $ 10.00 for a single person or a married couple for the year. Membership goes from January 1st to December 31st. Each month we send out our monthly newsletter via e-mail and by regular mail so you can be kept informed our what’s going on with our club. We are the second largest club in the states and hope we will soon become number #1. Just visit our membership page and fill out the form and mail it in and we will add you to our ever growing club membership.  Hope to hear from you soon.

See You at the Races!

Bill Barnhart
President MARFC

February Meetings
Our February meeting was held at the Speedway Bar & Grill just outside of Toledo Speedway.  On hand were ARCA President, Ron Drager and General Managers of the Toledo and Flat Rock Speedways, Greg Riddle and Scott Schultz.Other guest speakers were 2001 Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock Champion, Ken Knight, Flat Rock and Toledo Competitor, Robbie Loving, and Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame and Kart 2 Kart representative, Bob Capps.
I will never know how to win a coin toss among 3 people but Scott lost the toss and spoke for Ron Drager and Greg Riddle.  Toledo will see many more changes this coming season and both tracks will focus place a significant emphasis on marketing, Announcing a “kick back” program for non-profit organizations, schools, etc.  For more information contact the tracks directly. Flat Rock and Toledo are also members of the “Late Model Alliance”, a group of tracks in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana following a similar set of rules which will allow late model drivers to compete at all participating tracks.
Well Ken Knight is just full of surprises.  As a follow up to his marriage proposal to Talya Cronenwett at our Awards Banquet in January, Ken announced his intention to make his fellow competitors work harder to stay in front of him on the track. If successful, without too much damage to equipment and ultimately the checkbook, he plans purchase a late model in the near future.
Robbie Loving will be one very tired man when Saturday nights hit this summer.  Robbie is one of the few drivers to compete at both Flat Rock and Toledo, let alone driving in multiple divisions at each track.  It is a huge undertaking but we think he will be competitive all the way around.
Bob Capps highlighted the list of Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame inductees for 2002 and gave a plug to Kart 2 Kart indoor racing facility in Sterling Heights, MI.  For more information, visit Kart 2 Kart’s website from our links page.
Motor City Motorsports returns for it’s 24th season on WLQV 1500am with it’s host Vito LoPiccolo on Wednesday April 3, 2002 at 7:00pm. Be sure to listen in and hear from some of Vito’s Special guest’s through out the season