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2002 Awards Banquet

2002 Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club Awards Banquet
President “Wild” Bill Barnhart
Vice-President Rob “Red” Michon
Secretary-Treasurer Susan Ginter
Publicity Director Vito LoPiccolo
Assistant Public Relations Director Doug Long
Jim Buckley Dave DeHem
Larry Iacoboni Cory Russell
Fran Russo Bill Stone
Laura Tucker Bill Walters
Master of Ceremonies
“Bear” Ackles
Dodge Winston Cup Program Manager
Michigan’s Auto Racing Personality of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award Benny Rapp
Motorsports Electronic Media Award “Inside Lane”-WJR Radio
Jeff DeFran and Jim Mueller
Motorsports Writer of the Year Steve Kaminski
The Grand Rapids Press
ARCA RE/Max Series Frank Kimmell
ARCA Auto Value Midget Series A. J. Davis
ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series Robbin Slaughter
Butler Motor Speedway UMP Late Model Terry Sroufe
Butler Motor Speedway Sprint Car Charlie Baker
Butler Motor Speedway Street Stock Eric Wilson
Crystal Motor Speedway Late Model Jeff Kohn
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Stock Jeff Reist
Crystal Motor Speedway Pro Truck Mike Kresnak
Crystal Motor Speedway IMCA Modified Co-Champions Scott Fisk John McClure
Crystal Motor Speedway Hobby Stock Jay Chlebeck
Flat Rock Speedway Late Model Rick Knowles
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock Ken Knight
Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock B-Main Aram Zadigian
Flat Rock Speedway Figure 8 and Overall Greg Studt
Kinross Speedway Modified Jerry Artuso
Merritt Speedway Late Model Eric Spangler
Merritt Speedway MMA Modified Brent Banning
Michigan Modified Association Asphalt Bill Luckhurst
Michigan Modified Association Dirt Randy Reusink
Michigan Legends Series & Pro John Turnbull Jr.
Michigan Legends Series Masters Steve Jancar
Michigan Legends Semi-Pro Series & Rookie Shaun Jennison
Mt. Pleasant Speedway MMA Modified Joe Fowler
Owosso Speedway Super Late Model Phil Massuch
Owosso Speedway Limited Late Model Ed Young Jr.
Owosso Speedway Modified Bill Luckhurst
Owosso Speedway Street Stock Tim Brodd
Spartan Speedway Late Model Jeff Finley
Spartan Speedway MMA Modified Jeff Hackworth
Spartan Speedway Street Stock Rob Marten
Spartan Speedway Pony Stock Cathy Clingan
Spartan Speedway Figure 8 Lonny Hill
Toledo Speedway Late Model Dennis Strickland
Toledo Speedway Sportsman Ron Allen
Toledo Speedway Factory Stock Paul Duffin
Toledo Speedway Figure 8 Greg Studt
Central States Heavy Mod Champion Brandon Abbot
Jr. Honda Tri-City Champion Chris Perry
Sr. Honda Tri-City & Central States Sr. Champion Frankie Jiovani
Light B Tri-City Champion Steven Trost
Heavy Honda Tri-City Champion Andrew Abbott
Light Honda (160) & Lt. Mod Champion Travis Philo