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December 2001 Minutes



It?s once again that time of year that we here at the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club wish each and every one of its members a Happy & Joyous Holiday Season. I hope everyone gets everything on his or her Christmas list. May all of you stay safe and return for the 2002-racing Season.


Bill Barnhart
President MARFC



After the season had ended for the Craftsman Truck Series, Bob Keselowski agreed to host our November Meeting.  Members received a first hand look at the shop and all the equipment necessary to make it all work.

There were trucks in various stages of preparation/repair, from new chassis’ fresh from the fabricator hanging from the ceiling, to one that may be sent to the scrap heap after an altercation with the wall. 

In typical Bob Keselowski manner, it took a little bit to get him talking, but once we did, we were offered a wealth of knowledge, ranging from possible rule changes for 2002 and how NASCAR’s change in televising races has affected acquiring sponsorship to how well his sons fare behind the wheel of their rides. 

A very attentive crowd listens at K Automotive

Curiosity got the best of some.  Even during our meeting, young Brian Keselowski continued to wrench on his late model in preparation for the 2002 season.

Bill Stone takes a closer look at a brand spankin new K Auto truck chassis, that’s Ron Keselowski in the back ground.

Congratulations Big Al !!!

MARFC Member Al Peltier won the Racing Quilt

Special thanks to Cathie Rohloff, Cory Russell, and Bill Palmer for donations to make this quilt.