Dedicated to the Betterment and Benefit of Auto Racing and Those Engaged Therein

November 2001 Minutes



As the Holiday season is coming upon us and banquet season approaches we must stop and say thank you to all who donated their time and racing facilities in support of the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club.  With out your continuous support we would not be able to have our membership grow. As our club continues to grow we look forward to a long and lasting relationship with all of our membership tracks and supporters.


November is the month for giving thanks and we give thanks once again to all of you.


As Always, Keep Racing,


Bill Barnhart
President MARFC


P.S. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Steve Crowe, sports writer for the Detroit News/Free Press.  Steve was a great supporter of our club as well as auto racing.  He not only wrote about the big race venues but the local fans and small town racers.  Steve passed away last month and will be missed by many here at MARFC.  Steve was awarded our MARFC Motorsports Writer of the Year Award just a few years back at our annual banquet.  May our memories of Steve live on for the years to come.

Congratulations Big Al !!!

MARFC Member Al Peltier won the Racing Quilt

Special thanks to Cathie Rohloff, Cory Russell, and Bill Palmer for donations to make this quilt.





Our October Meeting featured guest speakers Tommy Cameron, PR Director for Michigan International Speedway, Dennis Strickland, 2001 Toledo Speedway Champ and Allen Chevrolet/Cadillac-Cintas Challenge, and Bob Capps of Kart2Kart.


We also drew the tickets for our annual cheer raffle and just like our last visit to Kart 2Kart, we had a whale of a time on the karts after the meeting.

Tommy Cameron Explained all the changes coming to MIS for the 2002 season and beyond.  Wishing CART Good Luck in their future and welcoming the IRL to Michigan.

Changes at MIS for 2002 include Moving the June Winston Cup Race weekend back to Father’s Day as it had been in the past.  IRL replacing the CART race in August with a Craftsman Truck race on Saturday.  Special pricing for the IRL/Craftsman Truck event.  The  IROC race will not be held at Michigan in 2002 because of schedule changes and difficulties in getting drivers from their points race location to MIS.  And last but not least, auto racing is being affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 as well.  Like many other tracks have already implemented, MIS will be adding additional security and strictly enforcing new rules concerning coolers, large bags and backpacks.  Visit the MIS website or contact them for more details concerning schedules, pricing and cooler policies.

Dennis Strickland looked back at his 2001 Season and how he got started in stock car racing.

Dennis Strickland could not have hoped for much more in 2001.  Toledo Speedway Champion and Champion of the 2001 Allen Chevrolet/Cadillac-Cintas Challenge, an honor comprised of points earned at Flat Rock and Toledo Speedway.  Oddly enough Dennis’ racing began with a street car.  He thanked his wife Tina for her support and for helping to keep him in check during a race.  He explained his crew played a huge part as well in his success, using only one care for both Toledo and Flat Rock requires a huge amount of dedication to make necessary changes to be competitive.

Bob Capps spoke about the upcoming Robbie Buhl Racing for Kids Banquet being hosted at Kart2Kart on November 29, 2001.  The event will include Dinner and Kart racing for a Donation of $50.  There will also be a silent auction held for numerous Racing related items.

For More Information Please contact Kart2Kart